According to the IPCC, one third of Bangladesh is at risk from rising sea levels.
Placed on the water, this structure is built to respond to the various environmental problems of the country. It guarantees safety, comfort and durability. Entirely built in bamboo, the structure is inspired by the mangroves that protect the coastline from erosion and rising waters. The project aims to offer the inhabitants a new living environment, respectful of their culture and environment.

Loïs Tavernier

As an architect and designer, I am passionate about the marine world and contemporary constructions made from natural materials. Sensitive to climatic transformations, I would like through my work to enhance the cultures of each country while proposing new living environments adapted to our uses and respectful of the environment.

Loïs Tavernier's intervention at Biomim'expo 2019 :

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Loïs Tavernier l.tavernier@strate.design

Loïs Tavernier's TEKASA'I project is exhibited at Biomim'expo 2019 thanks to the support of the school STRATE


Bocage urbain is a modular landscape design that proposes an alternative management of rainwater by creating a synergy between water and vegetation in the heart of the public space.


While climate change is generating increases in rainfall in our temperate regions, the increasing urbanisation of our cities is reducing their natural infiltration capacities. 72.5% of French municipalities have already been confronted with at least one runoff flood. Faced with this situation, elected officials must now implement solutions to remedy flooding.


The bocage landscape is a very efficient hydraulic system in the countryside. Adapting it to the urban environment is an opportunity to manage runoff water on a large scale while developing the territory in an aesthetic and ecological way.

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Elodie Stephandesigner, creator of Bocage urbain.

Contact: contact@elodistephan.com


In collaboration with La Fresque du climat, Biomim'expo offers you an exceptional experience by taking part in 2 mini "discovery" Fresques made during the event, an Ocean Fresque and a Biodiversity Fresque. These one-hour workshops will be short versions that will give you a good overview of the full 3-hour workshops.

What is the Climate Fresco?

A fun, collaborative and creative workshop to raise awareness about climate change. It is based on collective intelligence and is extremely educational.

For what?

In a school, in team building, for the start of a CSR approach in a company, the launch of a climate plan etc.

How do we play?

In teams, you have to find the cause and effect links between the 42 cards of the game and thus co-construct a real "Fresco" of climate change.


The second part is based on creativity: the participants have to use colour, choose a title, leave key messages, draw, invent etc. This part is very important in the ownership process. This part is very important in the ownership process.

The Ocean Fresco ?

Inspired by "The Climate Fresco", the Ocean Fresco game raises awareness of ocean issues and the impacts of our activities on this ecosystem.

It is available in face-to-face and online formats and is aimed at all citizens, companies, local authorities, associations and schools.


The Biodiversity Fresco ?

The Biodiversity Mural is an inspiration of the Climate Mural adapted to the 6th mass extinction. Understand in 45 maps biodiversity, its ecosystem services, the impact of human species, the 5 major pressures, the mechanisms of collapse and possible solutions!



Guillaume Gautier, gautier.management@gmail.com


Created in 2004, the International Weather and Climate Forum (FIM) has become a key event for education and mobilisation on climate issues.

FIM facilitates the exchange between actors (general public, scientists, companies, weather presenters, local authorities...) so that everyone can act! It is structured around a section general public (exhibition, workshops, participative debates...) and a professional including an international symposium and a media workshop of international weather presenters.

Jean Jouzel at Biomim'expo 2018
Valérie Masson-Delmotte at Biomim'expo 2019



Thank you Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, for supporting and associating the City of Paris with Biomim'expo!

Thank you Pénélope Komitès for your support, your interest, your welcome at each edition, and your intervention during the Biomim'expo Digital Week 2020.

The strategy RESILIENCE of Paris, click here.

Speech by Penelope Komites at Biomim'expo 2019 :

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Combating climate change

URBAN CANOPEE proposes solutions to combat climate change by developing plant canopies above the city to :

  • combat heat islands by deploying cool islands,
  • re-establish urban biodiversity,
  • provide many ecosystem services,
  • combat air pollution,
  • to improve the quality of life of city dwellers.

For resilient cities

URBAN CANOPEE allows city actors to green the urban landscape of tomorrow to :

  • enable our cities to become resilient to climate change,
  • achieve good certification ratios for buildings (HQE, BREEAM, LEED), eco-districts and cities (LEED for Cities certifications),
  • comply with the "green" regulations that are developing around the world,
  • create green value by adding aesthetics to the building and modernity to the city,
  • allow for aesthetically pleasing shaded areas with a very small footprint,
  • to make urban green design flexible.

Presentation by Elodie Grimoin Xavier Tellier at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020

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Contacts :

Elodie GRIMOIN, Co-founder / CTO elodie@urbancanopee.com

Hubert MICHAUDET, Co-founder, CEO hubert@urbancanopee.com