The Gecko secret

The most surprising characteristic of the gecko is its ability to walk effortlessly on any kind of surfaces, vertically, or upside down, even on the ceilings. And he does it although its feets and fingers are not adhesive and have no form of suction cup.

Man has been trying to explain this behavior for centuries! Even since the 3Th century BC ! Aristotle, THE Greek philosopher, wrote about the gecko: " He climbs very fast on trees, and in all directions, even upside down ". (History of The Animals, book 9, translation Barthélemy Saint-Hilaire).

After years of researchs, and many hypothesis, the secret of geckos agility has been revealed and it should allow for new technological advances in adhesives, even developing new applications for space programs.


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TISSIUM™ invents the next generation of synthetic polymers for tissue reconstruction :

  • BIOMORPHIC : Conforms to and integrates with surrounding tissue to enable natural healing
  • PROGRAMMABLE : Modular polymer design can be adjusted to match tissue-specific requirements

TISSIUM was founded in 2013 to address one of the most persistent medical challenges since the inception of surgical procedures: to reconstruct damaged tissue and restore its natural function.

Since the discovery of our first polymer at the labs of Bob Langer and Jeff Karp at MIT, we recognized the exceptional potential for our technology to revolutionize the field of tissue reconstruction in multiple therapeutic areas.

Our unique approach to product development leverages the knowledge gained from the development of our technology platform comprised of proprietary polymers, activation technologies, and delivery devices.

We have developed a fully integrated innovation, design, commercialisation and manufacturing platform to support our internal programmes as well as co-development partnerships with leaders in the medtech industry.

Maria Pereira's intervention at Biomim'expo 2019:

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Releases :

Les Echos / 20 NOV 2019 / Tissium raises €39 million for its programmable surgical polymers

BFM BUSINESS / 21 NOV 2019 / French start-up Tissium, which wants to repair human tissue, raises €39 million

SOFINNOVA / 20 NOV 2019 / TISSIUM Closes €39M Series B Funding Round

LABIOTECH / 20 NOV 2019 / 39M Series B to Fund Biopolymers for Surgery and Implants

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Inspired by the burdock, Georges de Mestral created the world's first hook and loop fastening system. Although he originally designed it for clothing, it is now used in a wide range of industries, from healthcare to your garden to the military. Although each VELCRO® brand product is designed for a specific task, the basic principle remains the same. For example, the VELCRO® brand products that secure your tablet to the wall are based on the same principles that NASA uses to keep plates from floating in zero gravity.

Today, Velcro Companies remains the largest manufacturer and innovator of hook and loop fasteners. We continue to play with the VELCRO® brand concept to find new and interesting ways to use our products and solutions at home, at work and at play.

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