Get together in Marseille evening

See you at Casa Delauze, an exceptional place, for a convivial moment on the theme of exploration and marine biomimicry...

From 8pm.

Thanks to the invitation of Alexandra Delauze and the WWF who made the Casa Delauze its partner base camp during the IUCN and freed up a slot for a joint evening on Biomimicry! Warm and very grateful thanks! And thank you to our partners who are associating and financially supporting the large biomimicry fresco at the heart of the IUCN World Congress and who are making this stopover in Marseille possible.

For a simple evening, which will be above all an opportunity to meet the Mediterranean biomimicry community and the partners and stakeholders of NewCorp / Biomim'expo; the IUCN, OFB and the Ministry; and the sea.

Programme :

Speeches to welcome us and present some news: (friendly atmosphere, speakers standing in front of the guests for a few minutes of speeches)

  • Welcoming remarks :
  • Alain Renaudin, NewCorp Conseil / Biomim'expo. Thanks to our hosts and partners. For a biomimicry at the service of Nature and Man. Why we need to reconnect.
  • Patricia Ricard, President of the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute
  • Marie-Christine Korniloff (to be confirmed), Deputy Director for the economic world, WWF France. Dynamics of business commitment to biodiversity.
  • Christophe Aubel (to be confirmed) Deputy Director General, Directorate General for Corporate Mobilisation, OFB (French Biodiversity Office) and/or Ministry of Ecological Transition and/or IUCN. State of play and perspectives, first impression of the world congress.
  • Christophe Madrolle, South Region, President of the Biodiversity, Sea and Coastal Commission, Regional Natural Parks, Risks - Preparation of the World Conservation Congress, Member of the Energy Transition, Waste Strategy and Air Quality Commission, Member of the Cooperation Territories - Mediterranean of the Future Commission.
  • Special guests with us for the evening.

Exhibition of a gallery of bio-inspired innovations on the theme of marine biomimicry

Book signing session " When nature inspires innovation

Discussions over a drink, for the pleasure of meeting in this incredible place

By invitation and reservation only.