We create new microfluidic solutions that revolutionize industry.

From microfabrication kits to biomimetic high-yield systems.

Our goal is to develop solutions to boost microfluidics R&D and to translate these technologies into products.
Whether by providing support to individual innnovators, institutions, or at the industrial scale.

Eden Tech (fomerly Eden Microfluidics) was created in 2017 to explore the untapped potential of microfluidics. We began our focus on the design and commercialization of a novel material, which then led to the creation of supporting services for simulation, prototyping, and mass production. Our high performance products enable affordable, rapid, high-quality and high throughput production of chips. This is the heart of our Eden Materials and Eden Lab divisions.

More recently, our efforts have also turned to microfluidics design and engineering solutions to tackle global challenges. We are developing biomimetic systems for 2 key applications: Water Treatment & Artificial Organs. Our designs are particularly well adapted for high-volume microfluidics, processing in the scale of 100 000 liters per day or more. Inspired by nature, massive microfluidic integration will now have the opportunity to revolutionize the industrial landscape. Much like microelectronics did 50 years ago. For more information on these activities head to our Eden Cleantech and Eden Medtech divisions.

Intervention de Emmanuel Roy sur le plateau Biomim’expo 2020.

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Emmanuel Roy, PhD

CEO Eden Tech


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