SharkSafe Barrier Pty

SharkSafe Barrier Pty is a South African based start-up company. It’s the first eco-friendly shark specific product to protect people and sharks. The SharkSafe BarrierTM is a product that has been developed to ensure the safety of beach goers from shark attacks, to prevent the loss of tourism revenue following these traumatic events and to stop the environmental damage caused by some of the protection measures currently used”Dr Sara Andreotti, Marine Biologist, PhD, is one of the founders. She explains :

« We provide an efficient, inspired by nature, shark-specific and eco-friendly barrier to keep sharks separated from surfers and swimmers. The vertical units of our product are very robust, but the anchorage system is always the sore-point, because it must be custom-made to every different sea-bed. When we have rocks (or less than 50cm of sand) we use concrete blocks, but it will be ideal to do so while also promoting the growth of marine organisms. »

Here is a short video of the technology :

Contact :

Dr Sara Andreotti

Marine Biologist, PhD

COO SharkSafe Barrier Pty Ltd

Posbus 3135 Matieland

Stellenbosch 760, South Africa

Cell: +27(0)72 3219198

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