Focusing on trees and the forest to find in business new and impactful solutions.

In the heart of a thousand-year-old forest in Auvergne at its climax, populated by pectinated firs and beeches, managers, executives and their teams come to find new paths of action and organisation thanks to the biomimicry experienced in the forest. For them, it may be a question of building their roadmap, of collectively relaunching, innovating, choosing, moving forward together, surviving, transforming, working on their raison d'être (of beech) or giving meaning.

For them, it is a question of decentring and centring on the forest, of being surprised and learning together, to unblock frozen situations, to find a space and time for renewal and serenity, to find balanced, new and original solutions.

4 axes guide the approach:

  • connecting to the livingIt's about energy, about knowing how to be,
  • exploreTo work on its length, its raison d'être, to bring out the new,
  • operateCreate a product, enhance it and recycle it,
  • and cooperateThe aim is to work as a "system echo".

Sylvomimicry was born out of cooperation between experts

  • Charles-Etienne Dupont in forest management and continuous cover silviculture,
  • Pierre Gérard in creativity, hybridization, biomimicry, and the exploration of desirable futures,
  • and Catherine Redelsperger, in leadership, cooperation, systemics and collective intelligence.
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Pierre Gérard's speech at the Biomim'expo digital week 2020




A graduate of the École normale supérieure and a research associate, she holds a doctorate in philosophy. After a period at the University of Paris-Dauphine and at the Catholic Faculty to learn about organisational strategy and canon law respectively, she lived in Jerusalem for a year to study the Talmud.

On her return, and in parallel with her thesis in philosophy, she worked successively in the cabinets of the Minister of the Economy and Finance, the Secretary of State for Research and Higher Education and the Minister of Justice, as "Adviser on Foresight and Discourse", for nearly four years.

Development Director, then Deputy Managing Director of a start-up incubator, she is currently Associate Director of an international group, which advises companies and public institutions.

His research work includes the issue of the hybrid.

" All centaurs! In Praise of Hybridization

Or how can we think about nature?  "

We have built our lives around our fear of the unpredictable, the contradictory, the hybrid, embodied in the frightening figure of the Centaur. The whole history of humanity is one of repression, rejection, the attempt to eliminate the unknown, the uncertain, everything that cannot fit into our boxes a priori. This means that an important part of reality - of nature - does not fit into our boxes and that we therefore miss it, without realising it. What is in crisis, above all, is our relationship with reality, since we have lost contact with it, and with nature at the same time.

To reconcile ourselves with it, we would have to completely revise the way we approach it and do away with the rigid rationality that has led us from humanism to anthropocentrism and then to transhumanism. By adopting a hybrid way of thinking that corresponds to the hybrid character of reality - of nature - we will gradually realise how much we have to gain by becoming centaurs...

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Conquering the hybrid: the victory of the centaurs?
Presentation at Biomim'expo 2020

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