Delphine Bouvier

Delphine Bouvier
Open innovation, sustainable development

Organic chemistry Engineer - graduated at INSA Rouen in 1994

Spent 10y in textile industry as material and process development manager
- DIM - Sara Lee group from 1994 to 2004

Joined L'Oréal research & development in July, 2004 and had different
positions related to cosmetic raw materials, technologies and methods
development with external partners

Joined Nihon L'Oréal in 2014, as the head of advanced research Japan and
Korea, covering all activities related to scientific collaboration with external
partners, in the field of material and life sciences.

Coordinator of the Loreal sustainable program: Sharing Beauty with All for
R&I Asia.

Recently back to France as Greensciences program director for R&I and
open innovation for partnerships related to sustainable development.



Loïc DEYRA obtained his PhD at the Charles Fabry Laboratory of the Institute of Optics in 2014 under the supervision of François Balembois. His work focused on the study of new optical crystals for ultraviolet lasers.

He then participated in the creation of the company SPARK LASERS, which markets industrial laser systems for micro-machining.

He joined ALPhANOV in 2016, where he leads a research project on metrology and functionalization of optical materials, and starts to focus on the formidable properties of bio-inspired surfaces.

After a Master's degree in Intellectual Property Strategy at IEEPI, he has been in charge of Partnerships and R&D Projects at ALPhANOV since 2020, and is committed to developing innovative projects to contribute to the ecological transition.

In 2021 Loïc Deyra joined Ceebios as Biomimicry Consultant for Industrial Applications.



Bioinspi, the first podcast in France that popularises biomimicry and bio-inspiration by telling you the fascinating stories of nature.

In each new episode, Aïna Queiroz (the explorer, for those who know her), a biologist specialised in botany and primatology, will take you on a journey of discovery of extraordinary living beings: Bacteria, Beasts, Plants, these are the stars of this podcast!

The idea is just to tell you stories - the ones from real life - by taking your imagination on a journey through sound immersion.

The first season was supported by Seqens, Biomim'Expo and Premium Beauty News.

Illustrations: Sarah Velha

Listen to all episodes here


Aïna Queiroz


Yannick Lerat is the Scientific Director of The SeaCleaners. He holds a PhD in oceanography from the University of Brest (UBO, France) with a specialisation in both chemistry and biology. His PhD subject was coastal biogeochemical cycles related to water-sediment exchange.

Yannick spent 15 years in the R&D teams of Eastman Kodak Company and worked on the integration of biomimetic approaches in the design of new materials and processes.

Having decided to return to his first love of coastal ecology, he then joined CEVA (Pleubian, France), a technical R&D centre working on algae applications. After 12 years as Scientific Director of CEVA, Yannick chose to join the SeaCleaners crew and the Manta project, where he is proud to contribute significantly to the protection of the world's ecosystems by working on marine plastic waste.




Audrey Devidal has a PhD in biology and more than 13 years of professional experience in the field of research and technology transfer, mainly in public organisations but also in the private sector.

Course :

  • Public-Private Partnerships and Research Valorisation Officer
  • National Museum of Natural History
  • Business and Technology Transfer Officer - Life and Earth Sciences
  • Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC)
  • Research Development Officer - Life Sciences and Health
  • University of Paris Est Créteil Val de Marne (UPEC)
  • Marketing Research Officer Patents and Licences - Life Sciences
  • France Innovation Scientifique et Transfert (FIST SA)




Carole Duboc obtained her PhD at the University of Grenoble in 1998 under the supervision of Professors Marc Fontecave and Stéphane Ménage. Her PhD work focused on bio-inspired iron complexes for enantioselective oxidation catalysis.

After a postdoctoral stay at the University of Minnesota with Professor William Tolman, she joined the Laboratoire des Champs Magnétiques Intenses in Grenoble, where she started her academic career at CNRS on the elucidation of the magnetic properties of transition metal ion complexes, based on a combined experimental (EPR spectroscopy) and theoretical approach.

Her current research, which she has been developing since 2007 in the Department of Molecular Chemistry, focuses on bio-inspired complexes with the aim of developing molecular (electro)catalysts for the activation of small molecules by multiredox processes while trying to understand the mechanisms through the trapping and characterisation of catalytic intermediates.

Its research projects (production of H2reduction, CO2reduction of O2) are in line with current societal issues, such as the search for new sources of energy.

Detailed bio and publications


centvingtsept by pixelis

The story: when it became clear that Biomim'expo could not take place as it does every year at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, the idea was adaptive innovation! The idea was adaptive innovation: to honour this event that is so dear to our hearts, but in a different way. So to console us, the new challenge launched by NewCorp Conseil, the initiator and organiser of the event, was to meet up with us not for a day but for a week! This year, Biomim'expo has therefore become Biomim'expo week digital in the form of a biomimicry channel with a week of broadcasts recorded in TV format, 25 sessions and over 100 speakers. All of this to be reassembled in a few days!

We still had to find a place, with meaning of course, to welcome us.

In less than 48 hours the centvingtsept by pixelis said YES and opened its doors to host the TV set of the Biomim'expo week! Thank you for your help. 

the centvingtsept by pixelis

Because it is from a creative perspective that the world must be changed, Pixelis has created the centvintgsept, an open, inspiring place dedicated to creativity and to the transformation of brands, companies and the world.

In the former premises of Radio Nova and TSF Jazz, all the furniture has been eco-conceived and designed by Pixelis, which has placed total trust in artists, designers and partners to experiment, recycle, transform, innovate... and create a space with personality, in the image of those who invest in it.

It brings together all those who have the vital desire to act and to give meaning to their actions: brands, companies, designers, entrepreneurs and change-makers are encouraged to move the lines and shake up practices!

about pixelis

Pixelis is an independent branding for good agency dedicated to the reinvention of brands. Founded in 1995, it is a B Corporation, a member of the United Nations Global Compact, recognised at Gold level by EcoVadis and named "Best for Workers" and "Best for Governance" by the B Corp community. It supports large companies as well as SMEs and start-ups in all of their communications activities.



Fanny Desbois
Communication Manager


Advice to the Public-Defence-Aeronautics sector and to industrialists on biomimicry as a lever for sustainable innovation and on responsible digital technology


Report by Myceco and Ceebios on the national strategy for Biomimicry, from the working day at France Stratégie

Read the report

Our offer :

Make biomimicry a lever for strategic innovation, or even national sovereignty, in the service of the country's economic and environmental sustainability.

Nature, a true "bank of services and data", is a model of performance, sobriety, cooperation, resilience and economy of use, and constitutes the specifications for sustainable innovation.

Bio-inspired technologies from plant or animal models, from 200 national research laboratories and from the Deeptech start-up network, meet the main operational challenges of most sectors of activity: stealth/camouflage, lightweighting, sensors, exploration, self-assembly, self-repair in non-standard and extremophilic environments, energy storage and production, soft robotics, swarm intelligence, frugal information management, water treatment and filtration, anti-bacterial surface treatment, adhesion, etc.

With our knowledge of your business (e.g. public sector, defence, aeronautics), Myceco builds you a bio-inspired ideation and project implementation system based on the cross-fertilisation of expert skills in consulting, engineering and research.

As a partner of Ceebios, Myceco acts as an accelerator of projects that break with traditional schemes, placing nature and its capacities at the centre of innovation and putting digital technology at the service of the ecological and solidarity transition.

Biomim'BOOK 2019 page:



Chrystelle ROGER

President and Founder
IHEST Auditor


"Dominique, 33 years old, grew up in Gretz Armainvilliers in Seine et Marne (cradle of the plane with Clément Ader and his bat plane). Graduate of a professional bac modelage. 

Questions about my diet led me to develop my knowledge of ecology. I created an association that promotes a sustainable lifestyle in 2010. 

I had to admit that ecology was separated from the economy in our society, and I sought to find this alliance. I found it in biomimicry.
At the same time, as a lifelong rugby player, the president of my club asked me to join his company in the field of cleaning equipment as a sales representative and sustainable development manager. 

I led the development of a scrubber-dryer that works without chemicals. Passionate about this field, which, despite being little publicised, has a real impact on the environment and CO2 emissions, I decided to fly on my own by creating ECO LIFE GROUP in 2018.

The mission of ECO LIFE GROUP is to research, find and launch biomimetic technologies in the field of cleaning in France. The majority of our turnover is made by the marketing of a Canadian technology which allows the replacement of chemical cleaning and disinfecting products by ozonated water, without danger for man and the environment. We have a network of 50 distributors throughout France and 300 indirect sales representatives. 2020 TURNOVER +2.2M. " 




Emmanuelle Joseph-Dailly is an anthropologist by training. A consultant, coach, trainer and speaker, she is the director of the Julhiet-Sterwen Group's Lab Recherches et Prospective and is one of the expert columnists for the Harvard Business Review France.

She has just published The Octopus Strategy, 60 stories from the living to inspire our organisations: collaboration, innovation, resilience.

She teaches at several leading schools and has co-authored several books in recent years: Développez l'engagement de vos collaborateurs (Eyrolles 2018), Les talents cachés de votre cerveau au travail (Eyrolles 2019) and Intuition (Collectif HBR 2021).