William NAIT MAZI is in charge of corporate partnerships at WWF France, it accompanies the partners of the WWF France towards a transformation of their practices and the use of sustainable production and consumption standards. Previously, William worked in the CSR department of the French electricity transmission network (RTE) as the person in charge of partnerships with environmental protection associations.

William graduated from the University of Aix Marseille with a degree in environmental sciences and physical oceanography and biogeochemistry.

At the Biomim'expo week 2020, William is offering a workshop: Towards a sustainable development of the blue economy - An ocean of unsuspected and already over-coveted resources

  • The development of human activities in the marine environment is continuing and will increase in the coming decades, and therefore brings both impacts and hopes. Solutions such as biomimicry can contribute to the sustainability of this development, particularly through new applications of eco-design, renaturation and bio-engineering.
    • The example of the port of the future (WWF Netherlands)
    • Example of a reef restoration (WWF Netherlands)
    • The example of eco-moorings (WWF Greece)
  • The two speakers will be Pierre Yves HARDY and William NAIT MAZI



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