Find at Biomim'expo the gallery of educational boards illustrating biomimicry through a series of bio-inspired innovations in a wide range of applications.

This editorial work stems from the agency's ongoing relations with the academic and economic network of biomimicry but also from the NewCorp Observer's business intelligence work which regularly enriches our databases.

The boards are designed as a mirror image, with a large visual of inspiring nature on one side, and the explanation and history of the bio-inspired innovation and its authors on the other. This gallery, beyond revealing an amazing and inspiring collection of innovations, is also a great tool for reawakening and raising awareness of biodiversity. For these two reasons, biomimicry and biodiversity, these boards are regularly offered by NewCorp Conseil as ephemeral exhibitions to internal or external audiences, individuals or professionals. The impact is guaranteed every time! (to find out more, information on the Biomim'Inside exhibition are here).

A preview of some of the plates below. And the whole gallery on the account Flickr here.

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