Delphine Bouvier

Delphine Bouvier
Open innovation, sustainable development

Organic chemistry Engineer – graduated at INSA Rouen in 1994

Spent 10y in textile industry as material and process development manager
– DIM – Sara Lee group from 1994 to 2004

Joined L’Oréal research & development in July, 2004 and had different
positions related to cosmetic raw materials, technologies and methods
development with external partners

Joined Nihon L’Oréal in 2014, as the head of advanced research Japan and
Korea, covering all activities related to scientific collaboration with external
partners, in the field of material and life sciences.

Coordinator of the Loreal sustainable program: Sharing Beauty with All for
R&I Asia.

Recently back to France as Greensciences program director for R&I and
open innovation for partnerships related to sustainable development.


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