Biomim'expo in Marseille

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The great fresco at the heart of IUCN

The Biomim'expo TV set for a series ofspecials

A get together in an exceptional location

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Access to the Parc Chanot where the World Conservation Congress will take place and where the mural will be displayed is free. For the rest, please book your tickets.

The great fresco-gallery :

Within the IUCN World Conservation Congress, and more specifically within the Nature Generations Spaces, the organising committee wished, for the first time, to integrate the innovative theme of biomimicry, which advocates the living as a model for inspiration and innovation, both technological and societal.

NewCorp Conseil, a specialised agency and organiser of Biomim'expo, has been chosen to set up an exhibition on biomimicry, which will take the form of a giant fresco-gallery presenting a multitude of examples of bio-inspired innovations from the agency's Biomim'Galerie.

This exhibition wall will occupy a space of 51 metres long and 3.00 metres highThis giant fresco-gallery on biomimicry will be integrated into such an event. This giant fresco-gallery on biomimicry integrated into such an event will be a first and a unique opportunity to promote biomimicry and the change of perspective that this approach proposes on biodiversity and our challenges. This will be done with stakeholders, government representatives, decision-makers, influencers, the media and the general public.

Biomimicry is a method of innovation, it is also a philosophy, an invitation to rethink our relationship between man and nature, and a tool for rediscovering and raising awareness of biodiversity. The large fresco-gallery proposed at the IUCN World Congress will include the Biomim'Galerie educational boards, which can be consulted here :

Thank you to our partners:

These stories of bio-inspired innovations tell the story of biodiversity, fill us with wonder and propose a decisive change of perspective through this path of rediscovery of the genius of living organisms but also of the formidable interest in being inspired by them. Better knowledge, for better recognition and better protection.

High visibility. Visits and PR operations. Corporate/ecosystem synergies IUCN/Biodiversity. In collaboration with NewCorp, the Mediterranean Institute of Biomimicry and Ceebios. You can join the operation

Join the operation! All information here

We will take advantage of this great opportunity to make a stopover in Marseille and to invite you to a Biomim'expo day on Tuesday 7 September !

TV set for a series of special live broadcasts from IUCN and Marseille

In the middle of the IUCN week (3-> 11 Sept), the Biomim'expo TV set will be set up near the old port, hosted by Tangram Architectures, a major architectural firm specialising in biomimicry and an early supporter, several times winner of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation's international architecture competition through its "Tangram Lab", which is also working on bio-inspired approaches to regenerating marine biodiversity.

Thank you Tangram!

A day of broadcasts and round tables on the theme of "biomimicry for life".

Ongoing programme :

This day can be specifically sponsored if there is a particular interest and wish.

Biomim get together in Marseille. (confirmed!!)

See you at Casa Delauze, an exceptional place, for a convivial moment on the theme of the exploration of the future...

Thanks to the invitation of Alexandra Delauze and the WWF who made the Casa Delauze its partner base camp during the IUCN and freed up a slot for a joint evening on Biomim! Warm and very grateful thanks!

Learning excursions / learning expeditions.

Between Wednesday 8 September and Friday 10 September. On the theme "back to nature".

Detailed programme of excursions on this page - in the process of being finalised

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