PROGRAMME 7 September 2021

TV set for a series of special live broadcasts from IUCN and Marseille

In the middle of the IUCN week, the Biomim'expo TV set was set up near the old port, hosted by Rougerie+Tangram, a major architectural firm with expertise in biomimicry and bio-inspired approaches.

Thank you to our hosts for this day of broadcasts and debates. Thank you to our partners who have associated themselves with and financially supported the large biomimicry fresco at the heart of the IUCN World Congress and who have made this stopover in Marseille possible.

THANK YOU to your wonderful speakers ... , scouts, adventurers, scientists, entrepreneurs, passionate about biodiversity and what the world can teach us, again and again.

Tray #1 - 9.30am - 10.45am

[ BIODIVERSITY AT THE HEART OF ORGANISATIONAL ISSUES. How and why are biodiversity issues and strategic and economic issues intimately linked? What can bio-inspiration bring in terms of innovation capacity to reconnect the objectives of performance, CSR and preservation of our planet's natural capital? Testimonies from experts and representatives of major companies and institutions.

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  • Emmanuel DelannoyHe is the Secretary General of the French Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), an associate consultant at Pikaia, and the author of "Permaéconomie" published by Le Monde qui vient, and "Biomiméthique" published by Rue de l'Echiquier.
  • Kalina RaskinGeneral Director of Ceebios.
  • Delphine BouvierR&I director, Green sciences program at L'Oréal.
  • Pierre-Yves BurlotDirector of Sustainable Development Séché Environnement, represented by Marion TouchardEcological expert
  • Raphaëla Le GouvelloIndependent expert (STERMOR), IUCN expert, President of the RespectOcean association. Presentation of the new biodiversity and business programme revealed at IUCN.

Tray #2 - 11:00 - 12:15

[ INNOVATIONS AND BIO-INSPIRED RESEARCH. Presentations of the latest advances in several research and development programmes in cutting-edge application areas (soil life and alternatives to plant protection products, therapeutic treatments, bio-mechanics, etc.)

  • Mathilde ClémentMycophyto, Head of Research & Development, patented solutions for the implementation of native arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMFs) in crops to recreate sustainable natural synergies with plant roots.
  • Mr Alessandro CozziHe is the Managing Director and Director of Research and Innovation of the IRSEA (Institute of Research in Semiochemistry and Applied Ethology). Specialist in the study of animal and human behaviour and their chemical interactions.
  • Jean-Marc LinarèsProfessor at the University of Aix-Marseille, teacher-researcher, specialist in bio-inspired design in mechanical and aeronautical processes.
  • Claire LesieurCNRS Research Fellow, Lyon Institute of Complex Systems (IXXI-ENS-Lyon) & AMPERE Laboratory. Why biodiversity is all about diversity: lessons in collective resilience from proteins.

Tray #3 - 12:30 - 13:30

[ TELL ME ABOUT YOUR OCEAN. At lunchtime, sports, economic, political and cultural personalities will drop by and come to the Biomim'expo stage to tell us their ocean stories and the projects they are defending.

  • Déborah Pardoscientist, explorer, president and founder of Earthship Sisters.
  • Morgan Bourc'hisworld champion freediver, lecturer, instructor, ambassador
  • Jacques RougerieJacques Rougerie, member of the Institute, associate architect of ROUGERIE+TANGRAM, meridian, oceanographer, explorer of the infinite, creator of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation - Institut de France.
  • François-Alexandre BertrandFounder & CEO Platypus Craft
  • Alexis Rosenfeldphotographer - photojournalist - diver, holder of the project "1 Ocean, the great testimony on the Ocean" (exhibited at Saint Charles station)
  • and surprise guests?

Tray #4 - 14:00 - 15:15

[THE SEA, A TREASURE OF BIODIVERSITY AND THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY. As the world's largest country in terms of maritime surface area, France has unique assets and a duty to set an example. Reminder of the vital importance of the sea's resources for humanity and the balance of the planet; of the sea's contribution to research; and of the extent of marine biomimicry.

  • Bruno DavidPresident of the National Museum of Natural History.
  • Atlantine Boggio-PasquaScientific Coordinator at Pure Ocean Fund. Graduate engineer in environmental sciences, specialised in marine biology and ecology
  • Christophe MadrollePresident of the Biodiversity, Sea and Coastal Commission, Regional Natural Parks, Risks - Preparation of the World Conservation Congress, Member of the Energy Transition, Waste Strategy and Air Quality Commission, Member of the Cooperation Territories - Mediterranean of the Future Commission.
  • Muriel BarronHead of the Ocean Protection Unit at the Fondation de la Mer. Presentation of the "SOS CORAIL" programme. And presentation of "OCEAN APPROVED®", the first global label to distinguish companies that are committed to taking into account and improving their impact on the Ocean.
  • Solène Basthard-BogainDeputy Director of Septentrion Environnement, associated with the TRANSCOR project (experimental transplantation programme for red coral and red gorgonian on natural and artificial sites)
  • Christophe VasseurCEO and cofounder Inalve. Microalgae as a natural and sustainable source of protein for animal nutrition.

Plateau #5 - 15:30 - 16:45

[ ARCHITECTURE, CITIES, AND COASTAL ISSUES. Although it is often said that two thirds of humanity will live in cities in 2050, a large majority will also live less than 20 km from the coast. How does bio-inspiration allow us to think differently about our habitat, and specifically about our coastal development zones exposed to rising sea levels? A review of current events and emblematic examples.

  • Nicolas Vernoux-ThélotCEO of In Situ Architecture and co-founder of the IN SITU LAB. When Sargasso becomes a building material.
  • Olivier Bocquetarchitect, director of the R&D laboratory in biomimetic architecture, the ROUGERIE+TANGRAM Lab. What if floating anchors became islands of biodiversity?
  • Christian TamburiniResearch scientist, CNRS, Aix-Marseille University, MIO (Mediterranean Institute of Oceanology). Presentation of the Bathy_Bot and Bathy_Reef deep-sea observation and recolonisation project.
  • Clementine MarieFreediving and breathing coach, founder of l'Air de Rien.
  • Julien DalleDirector of ecological engineering projects, Seaboost. Adaptation to climate change: how to meet the challenges of preserving the coastline, presentation of erosion control projects based on engineering ecosystems.
  • Guillaume SèdeDirector of OGIC Méditerranée. Presentation of the "Second Nature" programme in Marseille