For this Season 7, Biomim'expo 2022 is even richer and more inspiring. A unique and unprecedented configuration with a Biomim'expo 2022 that grows and spans 2 days of the show. A fantastic opportunity in terms of impact, awareness and visibility for biomimicry, its actors, stakeholders and partners. Biomimicry is an emerging approach for the future, already in full swing, applied and demonstrated. Of course, there is still a lot to discover, to reveal, to "clear", come and meet a new revolutionary and universal way to rethink our future.

25 and 26 October 2022 at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie

The big event! 7th edition of Biomim'expo, the great gathering of biomimicry and bio-inspired innovations. For 2 days, conferences, debates, round tables, project pitches, the Biomim'Challenge final, exhibitions, exhibitors' forum, participative workshops, Biomim Lab Show, speed dating, animations, film screenings, TV set, media corner, literary café, book fair with author signings, etc. 

This emblematic place of science and technology is now the occasion for the largest gathering of biomimicry. These Biomim'days, open to all players and stakeholders, offer an exceptional forum/showroom dimension.

If you are not already a regular, trust us to make you two beautiful days of discoveries, whatever day you choose, and even more so if you take advantage of the 2 days (our reco). For a moment of re-enchantment and encounters to advance and grow ideas and projects inspired by living beings to imagine the world of tomorrow.

The big programme in panoramic view ...

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The Gaston Berger Plenary

The Louis Armand plenary

The Biomim LAB Show

The "Comme à la Maison" interviews

The workshops

The exhibitors

The book fair and signing sessions

Exhibitions and sensory experiences

Word and tone of 2022: Live on Earth!