As every year, the day will be very rich, dense and full of surprises. Just one piece of advice, book your day! 🙂

9h / Home

Keynotes, round tables, screenings, pitches, duets ...


A radio programme, live and in public at the heart of the event. Talk show, interview, debates, testimonies...


In 30-minute segments, researchers and entrepreneurs will give demonstrations and manoeuvres on an open stage set up at the heart of the event.

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In a small lounge set up "as if at home", informal and intimate discussions with researchers, lab directors, company managers, teachers, designers, architects ... to exchange and discover jobs and functions. Every 30′, a man or a woman faces you.

The pitch: at the end of a family lunch, a niece or a cousin in the first year of secondary school who is wondering about his future takes you aside, he knows more or less where you work but doesn't really have a precise idea, and as he was told on the way here "but if you do, take advantage of it to ask him, he'll be there", he takes the plunge. You are both sitting down, and not really knowing where to start, he asks you "but by the way, what is your job?" ... the rest is up to you ....

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In collaboration with The Climate FrescoBiomim'expo offers you an exceptional experience by participating in 3 Frescoes made during the event:

  • The Climate Fresco
  • The Ocean Fresco
  • The Biodiversity Mural

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In small participatory groups of 20 to 30 people, with a variety of themes led by experts. Free access included in the event ticket (but participation is conditional on registration for Biomim'expo).

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You will see entrepreneurs, research labs, industrial groups, schools ... Go and discover them, go and talk to them, at Biomim'expo, everyone is 100% friendly and collaborative, because, as you know, nature is not a jungle, it is a world that produces wealth through cooperation and exchange!

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Ephemeral bookshop of the event and signing sessions thanks to many authors present. In partnership with

Level S3

Find at Biomim'expo the gallery of educational boards illustrating biomimicry through a series of bio-inspired innovations in a wide range of applications.

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Urban agriculture is invading our cities, in various and sometimes surprising forms. At Biomim'expo you will find a selection of photos by the photographer Giovanni Del Brenna, who offers us his travel diary, meeting the "Parisculteurs" of the capital, illustrating these new urban landscapes that are also human landscapes.

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