Book fair and signing sessions

Special ephemeral bookshop to be found on LEVEL S3

As every year, Biomim'expo's bookshop partner, Rue de l'Echiquier, offers a selection of books to visitors.

And every year, some authors come to offer signing sessions.

1 Book - 1 Author

In addition to the books selected by Rue de l'Echiquier, we will have the pleasure to receive in conference + dedications ... :

TUESDAY 25 > 11:35-12:05 // Plenary Louis Armand - Level S3 (downstairs)

Anne-Sophie Novel

The wilderness survey, why and how to reconnect with the living / Salamandre - Colibris

For more than a year, Anne-Sophie Novel investigated to rediscover the links we have with nature. To understand, but also to explore and feel the relationship we have with living things. Like many of us, she is convinced that it is urgent to act and transform ourselves for a more liveable environment and human societies.

Inspired by her two children and nourished by her experiences in the field, the author passes on the most up-to-date concepts and knowledge gathered from those who are making the transition. By meeting with experts, the journalist provides us with a wealth of inspiring and original testimonies and experiences that will give everyone hope for today and tomorrow.

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Conference in Salle Louis Armand, Level S3

Signing session at the Rue de l'Echiquier stand, Level S3

TUESDAY 25 > 16:00-16:45 // Plenary Louis Armand - Level S3 (downstairs)

Nicolas Mathévon

Animals talk, let's listen to them / humenSciences

The crocodile wails, the cricket cackles, the hyena laughs, the titmouse zigzags, the cricket wags... What are these sounds hiding? Can we penetrate their mysteries? What do the animals have to say to each other?

From Brazil to the North Sea, from the Amazon jungle to the icy expanses of the Arctic, from the cries of small crocodiles to the sonic jousting of elephant seals, biologist Nicolas Mathevon, a specialist in bioacoustics, reveals the diversity of animal vocalizations. With him, we learn how these languages allow them to express their emotions, choose a partner, cunning, know who dominates and who submits, mark their territory, call for help...

Nicolas MathévonBioacoustician, Professor at the University of St-Etienne, Senior Member of the University Institute of France. Specialist in animal language and behaviour. Director of the ENES Sensory Neuro-Ethology Team at Jean-Monnet University.

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Conference in Salle Louis Armand, Level S3

Signing session on the François Sommer Foundation stand, Level S3

WEDNESDAY 26 > 10:15-10:45 // Plenary Louis Armand - Level S3 (downstairs)

Olivier Hamant

The Third Way of Life / Odile Jacob

The cult of performance leads our society to emphasise the values of success and permanent optimisation in all areas. Slowness, redundancy and randomness are then perceived negatively. In this book, Olivier Hamant attempts to rehabilitate them by relying on his knowledge of living processes.

What can we learn from the life sciences? Although there are some remarkably efficient biological mechanisms, recent progress has highlighted the fundamental role of errors, slowness and inconsistencies in the construction and robustness of the natural world. Is life then sub-optimal? How can a biologically inspired sub-optimality constitute a counter-model to the creed of performance and control in the Anthropocene?

In the face of pessimistic observations and environmental alarms, the author proposes courses of action to avoid catastrophe and outlines solutions for a viable future reconciled with nature.

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Conference in Salle Louis Armand, Level S3

Signing session at the Rue de l'Echiquier stand, Level S3

WEDNESDAY 26 > 10:55-11:25 // Plenary Louis Armand - Level S3 (downstairs)

Vincent Doumeizel

The algae revolution / Editions des Equateurs

Vincent Doumeizel is Senior Adviser "Ocean" at United Nations Global Compact. Director for the Food Programme for the Lloyd's Register Foundation. Author at a book signing.

Wrongly considered as a pollution of which they are only a symptom, algae actually offer us an infinite field of innovation and concrete solutions to meet the major challenges of our time.

If we learned to grow them sustainably, they could feed people, replace plastic, decarbonise the economy, cool the atmosphere, clean the oceans, rebuild marine ecosystems, heal us and provide income for coastal populations...

Algae are probably the world's most important untapped resource. As the first link in the chain of life, they communicate with each other, reproduce and grow very quickly. They do not need food, fresh water, land space or pesticides.

Today, overpopulation and the ecological emergency are leading us to take a new look at this forgotten treasure.

12,000 years ago, man emerged from prehistory by cultivating plants on land. Reconnecting with those of the sea will be a revolution for our civilisation. A seaweed revolution!

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Conference in Salle Louis Armand, Level S3

Signing session at the Rue de l'Echiquier stand, Level S3