Exhibitions and sensory experiences

During the two days of the event, free access for visitors.

Find at Biomim'expo the gallery of educational boards illustrating biomimicry through a series of bio-inspired innovations in a wide range of applications. A gallery exhibition Biomim'INSIDE which you can order to install on your site.

To be found and discovered on Flickr.

Experience Sensory Odyssey at Biomim'expo!

Thanks to the support of the Institut des Futurs souhaitables and in partnership with the Sensory Odyssey Studio, Biomim'expo is pleased to welcome and offer you an exhibition and wonder space with some of the biomimetic objects designed by Big Bang Project, from the exhibition "L'Odyssée Sensorielle" which was a great success at the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle. Take advantage of this partial and exceptional extension at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie during the 2 days of the Biomim'expo event.

All the information here to enjoy this multi-sensory space and the guided tours that will be offered.

Enjoy an amazing experience at Biomim'expo!

Thanks to the Sylvomimétisme team, which you can also meet on their stand, you will be able to walk barefoot on a carpet of freshly picked moss during the 2 days of Biomim'expo (guaranteed sensation), and immerse yourself in the thousand-year-old forest of the Chaîne des Puys by means of 4K video sequences that will take you on a stroll, from the ground to the tree tops.

The sequences will be commented and interactive, with knowledge tests to learn and stimulate your senses.


Have you ever plunged into space ... lit only by the light of life?

Meet the Glowee team on their stand, take advantage of the experiential set-up and enter the biolum'box 🙂 ... to discover the light produced naturally by bioluminescence.

These visits will of course be commented on in order to understand this astonishing and widespread phenomenon in the living world and the applications that have already been derived from it.


Seaweed on our plates. You've probably already heard of it, but have you ever tasted it?

Thanks to the presence of Neptune Elements, who will be speaking at a plenary session at 3.30 pm on Tuesday 25 to explain everything about algae and their pathway, you can meet them at 4.30 pm on the NewCorp Conseil stand - organiser of Biomim'expo - for a discussion, tasting and sale of their products. Try it out!


La Belle Société Production and NewCorp Consulting offer you the opportunity to enjoy the Louis Armand plenary hall (level S3) transformed into a cinema during lunchtime.

Nature = Future! is a new series of films on biomimicry and bio-inspiration that presents sustainable solutions inspired by nature and the living world. These films in short formats of a few minutes highlight research and innovations in all fields: agriculture, food, architecture, housing, transport, health, industry, technology, energy production and consumption, depollution, waste treatment, circular economy.

A special Biomim'expo montage will be shown continuously. Free admission, of course. Enjoy the show!

LOUIS ARMAND ROOM FROM 1pm on both days.

A textile & digital artwork project to raise awareness of the impacts of global warming on marine biodiversity.

Level S3

... and other experiments and demonstrations to be discovered through the stands of exhibitors and conferences.