The 2022 workshops

Biomim'expo 2022 offers, as it does every year, a series of participatory workshops, and even more in 2022 by extending to two days!

To share experiences, reflect together, work, debate, co-construct, stimulate your team creativity ....

In groups of 30 to 40 people to be able to create a group exchange, for 1 hour (so as not to deprive you too much of the rest of the programme 🙂 you will meet around experts-witnesses-facilitators and a theme or problem.

For several years now, NewCorp Conseil, the initiator of Biomim'expo, has proposed to the Fresque du Climat to join the event to explain its approach and offer workshops to the public.

We are very happy to continue in 2022, and even welcome a new variation of the Fresco with the Forest Fresco developed by All4trees.

So this year you can go and meet the Ocean Frescothe Biodiversity Mural and the Fresco of the Forest on their stands, and take part in discovery workshops in the form of mini-quizzes and quizzes.

25 OCT: 11am - 12pm

26 OCT: 14:30 - 15:30

Salle Louis Armand, level S3

The Ocean Fresco

Hosted by Xavier BougeardScientific and environmental mediator, CEO Ecology Passer; and Laëtitia Chédruhappyculturist of collective intelligence, Ocean & Climate CSR consultant.

The Ocean Fresco is a playful and collaborative workshop to raise awareness of the challenges of ocean preservation in a systemic way. Inspired by "La Fresque du Climat", the Ocean Fresco has already won over more than 6500 participants!

How does it work? A hundred or so cards allow participants to take up different challenges to build a visual fresco around the themes of the ocean's contribution, marine biodiversity, fishing, maritime industries, climate and pollution. The participants will learn, exchange and debate on these complex subjects, deconstruct and reconstruct certain knowledge to leave with a better understanding of this ecosystem as well as concrete keys to better preserve it! This workshop is for everyone, novices or experts. It is flexible in terms of duration, in face-to-face or distance learning and in several languages. It can be used, for example, to support local authorities in citizen consultations, companies in change management or CSR objectives, or as part of an event with partners or clients.

25 OCT: 14:30 - 15:30

26 OCT: 11am - 12pm

Salle Louis Armand, level S3

The Biodiversity Mural

Hosted by Géraldine Vuillierco-creator and President, Biodiversity Fresco

The Biodiversity Fresco is a fun, collaborative, visual and scientific workshop to understand the systemic nature of biodiversity, how it works, the threats it faces and the consequences of its erosion.

Created by Géraldine Vuillier, Geoffrey-Edouard Vuillier, Charles Sirot and Deloitte Sustainable Development, inspired by the Climate Fresco, it is based on international scientific reports and is aimed at all decision-makers: citizens, local authorities, companies, associations, schools, universities, etc. More than 5,000 people have already taken part in a workshop in France and abroad!

The principle? Practical cases and 40 cards to link together, in teams and in 3 hours, to build a Fresco, to appropriate it, to discover the systemic aspect of the erosion of biodiversity and to reconnect the living to our daily lives through concrete examples. On the occasion of the Biomim'Expo exhibition, discover two special formats, for a first glimpse of the Mural: a stand format, in the form of mini-games, and a one-hour interactive discovery workshop.

25 and 26 OCT: 16:00 - 17:00 // Louis Armand Room, level S3

The Forest Fresco

Hosted by Loraine BarraCo-founder all4trees and Head of the Forest Fresco Programme.

You are passionate about the forest and you feel powerless in the face of the deforestation the world. You may be wondering how act What are the causes and consequences of deforestation on life and ecosystems? What are the causes and consequences of deforestation on life and ecosystems?

Discover and participate in the Fresco of the Foresta fun, educational and collaborative workshop to understand the challenges of deforestation and discover new ways to combat it. actions and solutions to enable you to take daily action to preserve forests.

We have developed a game of 59 cards to be played in teams, which allows you to quickly understand the causes and consequences of deforestation. By participating in our workshops, you will be able to master a complex issue that is far removed from our daily lives, and become committed actors for the preservation of forests.

Did you know, for example, that deforestation can have consequences for corals? And what do you think we can do to reduce our impact on forests?

During the Biomim'expo exhibition, come and find answers to your questions through a one-hour discovery workshop and a 15-minute quiz on our stand.

Rooms with 20 to 40 seats depending on health constraints, various themes led by experts. Free access included in the event ticket (but participation is conditional on registration for Biomim'expo)

The workshops are held in the GECKO, MORPHO and LOTUS rooms on level S3

25 OCT // 11am - 12pm // GECKO room, level S3

Designing the bio-inspired innovations of tomorrow! 

Proposed and moderated by :

Guillian Gravesdesigner and director of the Big Bang Project agency; and Arthur-Donald Bouilléinterdisciplinary designer at Big Bang Project

With Anneline Letard and Luce-Marie Petit for the Ceebios.

Big Bang Project Workshop - Ceebios

Come and implement biomimicry and design bio-inspired innovations that will meet the major challenges of tomorrow with the team of designers, engineers and biologists from the Big Bang Project agency and Ceebios!

On the programme: a collective creativity session to generate ideas that are both surprising and sustainable thanks to bio-inspiration.

25 OCT // 11:00 - 12:00 // MORPHO room, level S3

Drawing on the principles of life to co-construct 3 bio-inspired management, innovation and strategy student programmes. 

Proposed and co-hosted by :

Irene Alvarez - Co-Director of CREA Mont-Blanc

and Christine Ebadi - Co-founder of the Holomea agency.

CREA Mont-Blanc workshop / Holomea

Conference-workshop to share the lessons learned from an original experiment conducted by a mixed team of researchers with expertise in alpine ecology and climate and 15 professors from several engineering and business schools.

An experiment conducted via the European project ERDF-Alcotra TourScience Plus between the CREA Mont-Blanc - Research Centre on Altitude Ecosystems and holomea - firm in organisational transformation.

The collaborative work has made it possible to build educational content on the link between life sciences and management based on the concept of bio-inspiration: how can the principles of life that govern mountain ecosystems inspire our practice of team management, project management, innovation, etc.?

Sharing and discussion around these multidisciplinary bio-inspired scenarios combining ecology and management.

25 OCT // 11:00 - 12:00 // LOTUS room, level S3

Biomimicry YOGA* - being one with Nature

Proposed and co-hosted by Xavier Pineau and Anna Matard

Amacyte workshop - body and sensory experience

*This YOGA is without postures, only visualization.

In order to not only think about Nature, but also to feel it, this workshop will invite the participants to feel the functioning of Nature within themselves in order to be better able to protect it and to be imbued with its strength and its principles of balance taught through biomimicry.

This physical and sensory workshop allows you to taste the essence of biomimicry, which consists of applying cooperative, respectful and circular functions from the living world to your own life in order to think about your present and your future.

A workshop deliberately limited to 20 people in order to live a particular experience and to mobilize all the senses, visual, auditory and feeling.

Exceptionally, workshop limited to 20 participants.

25 OCT // 14.15 - 15.15 // GECKO room, level S3

Design and eco-design applied to an everyday product: the coffee machine !

Proposed and moderated by Margot Pejaudier and Antoine Chagnon.

MU Cooperative Workshop - eco-design agency

The workshop will start with the construction of the product life cycle through group work, to identify and prioritise the impacts on the whole process (coffee growing, packaging, machine manufacturing, use, etc.).

A group brainstorming phase then enables solutions to be devised, the efficiency of which will be assessed by means of a set of impact reduction cards/scenarios.

25 OCT // 14.15 - 15.15 // MORPHO room, level S3

The Business Resilience Game

Proposed and moderated by Brieuc Saffré and Justine Laurent

The Business Resilience Game and the Next Election Game

This workshop will be conducted in two teams. The first team will experience the Business Resilience Game, which helps business and organisational leaders to understand that economic performance should not be the only guide to business and to learn how to apply the key principles of organisational resilience.

The second team will experiment with the Next Election game, which focuses on the resilience of territories and allows citizens, elected officials and local authorities to question their ability to adapt and to initiate their transformation. 

25 OCT // 14.15 - 15.15 // LOTUS room, level S3

Biomimicry & Materials. When nature helps us shape a more sustainable future

Bioxegy workshop

Materials are at the centre of our economic and industrial models. They are part of our lives and shape our daily lives. However, successive environmental crises coupled with current tensions in supply chains show that we need to radically rethink the way we design, transform and recycle our objects, our technologies and the materials that make them up.

So the question arises: how can we act to revisit our relationship with materials? In this respect, nature offers us the most beautiful evidence: 3.8 billion years of R&D.

Alongside Bioxegy's experts, come and discover how the ingenuity of the living inspires the innovations and materials of the future! Functions, compositions & structures, bio-sourcing & production methods ... we will talk about concrete things! From aeronautics to cosmetics, from construction to mobility, all sectors are concerned by these issues!

In a nutshell? A collective ideation session to think about the bio-inspired world and respond to targeted issues in a disruptive and sustainable way!

25 OCT // 15.45 - 16.45 // GECKO room, level S3

The new engineering professions

Workshop - Bio-inspired engineer

Biomimicry questions and inspires engineering; new ecological, energy and climate issues challenge practices and stimulate innovation; students question their future employers; schools rethink their curricula, programmes and methods...

What new role for the engineer of tomorrow? How can biomimicry bring new reflexes and new paths? What are the current training courses and the schools involved?

Facilitated by expert and committed speakers of long standing, who make training and programmes move ... :

Olivier AllardHead of the general engineering apprenticeship programme at CESI Ecole d'Ingénieurs.

Johan VerstraeteHead of School and Director of Educational Innovation at ESME Sudria.

Hugo BachellierTraining Officer & Interregional Facilitator at Ceebios.

25 OCT // 15.45 - 16.45 // MORPHO room, level S3

"Entrepreneurship for life".

With Tarik ChekchakBiomimicry Director of the Institute for Desirable Futures and the IFs team.

Institute of Desirable Futures Workshop

With the help of 3 sets of cards that explain the topics that link organisations to life, participants will be divided into small groups and the facilitator will invite them to reflect, test their knowledge, and answer the different scenario cards.

The principle is to stimulate reflections to make a first step of diagnosis aiming at creating desirable organisations which are both efficient and integrative of the living.

26 OCT // 11:00 - 12:00 // GECKO room, level S3

Assess and act on your impacts with Circular Canvas

Proposed and moderated by Brieuc Saffré and Justine Laurent

Circ Workshopulab

We hear a lot of talk about life cycle analysis, carbon footprinting... but it's hard to make sense of it all.

By filling in the Circular Canvas of your activity, you will be able to assess your real economic, social and environmental impacts and identify the first levers for progress.

26 OCT // 11:00 - 12:00 // MORPHO room, level S3

Business and biodiversity

Hosted by Noé Deschanel. Head of "Companies committed to nature" at the French Office for Biodiversity.

OFB Workshop - French Biodiversity Office

Businesses have an impact on biodiversity, which is their primary provider of resources for their activities. Our future, and the future of economic actors, now depends on our common capacity to reduce our impact, to preserve and even to restore this vital biodiversity.

How to know the interrelationship between your company and biodiversity and which biodiversity in particular? How to assess impacts to better target actions? What are the obligations and opportunities? A state of the art workshop and best practice guide.

26 OCT // 11:00 - 12:00 // LOTUS room, level S3

Funding Research

Presented and moderated by Matteo Tonelliexternal relations & partner networks at the ANRT; and Iman Bahmani-PiasecznyCoordinator of the Research - Innovation - Future Investment Division at Ademe.

ANRT - Ademe workshop

Knowing, deciphering, observing, developing knowledge ... are the sources of biomimicry. Research is the first official supplier of bio-inspired innovations. But it is not always easy to find out how to participate and make research work on its issues. How to fund research? What schemes? What support is there?

Explanations and concrete examples are provided by the ANRT, which is in charge of implementing the Cifre scheme, the aim of which is to encourage the development of public-private partnership research, and by the Ademe, which also has support programmes.

Several testimonies on the search for companies with Cifre PhD students and scientific laboratories.

26 OCT // 14.15 - 15.15 // GECKO room, level S3

From the designpt to industrial realization

Hosted by Eliot GraeffIndustrial Studies and Methodology Project Manager at Ceebios. PhD in Biomimetics, Dipl. in Biological Engineering.

Biomim'Retex Industry Workshop

How does a biomimicry project start? what are the objectives? the methods used? the difficulties encountered? the lessons and benefits? ... Workshop - feedback on how industry organises itself and goes through the stages of a bio-inspired innovation process. From the problem to be solved, the search for biological models and ideas, the concepts, tests and further development to the future prototyping ...

How to make the right choices? How to integrate multidisciplinarity? How to convince customers and internal staff? Does the biomimicry approach have any particularities compared to other methods?

With a panel of industry witnesses:

Frédéric CretinonGlobal Footwear Research & Innovation Director. Amersports

Giovanni Tufano and Nassardin Guenfoudboth PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Project Leader and Consultant/Engineer for Capgemini Engineering.

Marianne GallardoENGI R&I - Ecosystems and Expertise, Head of Open Innovation - Calls for projects.

26 OCT // 14.15 - 15.15 // MORPHO room, level S3

Designing the bio-inspired innovations of tomorrow! 

Proposed and moderated by :

Guillian Gravesdesigner and director of the Big Bang Project agency; and Arthur-Donald Bouilléinterdisciplinary designer at Big Bang Project

With Anneline Letard and Luce-Marie Petit for the Ceebios.

Big Bang Project Workshop - Ceebios

Come and put biomimicry into practice and design bio-inspired innovations that will meet the major challenges of tomorrow with the team of designers, engineers and biologists from the Big Bang Project agency! On the programme: a collective creativity session to generate ideas that are both surprising and sustainable thanks to bio-inspiration.

26 OCT // 14.15 - 15.15 // LOTUS room, level S3

Regenerative and bio-inspired urban ecosystem design 

Proposed and moderated by Virginie BlanvilleTraining Manager.

Atelier Institut Supérieur de Design de Saint-Malo

This one-hour workshop, in a short but fun format, offers you the opportunity to think collectively about the organisation and modelling of a regenerative urban system inspired by the principles of life.

On the basis of a proposed urban grid, you will consider the structuring of a sustainable and (as far as possible) regenerative network between the constituent entities of your urban system. A complex subject to awaken your curiosity and creativity by adopting a new systemic viewpoint in the service of living beings.

26 OCT // 15.45 - 16.45 // GECKO room, level S3

The unanswered question behind a bio-inspired industrial revolution.

Sharing of experience and travel commented and explained by Mickaël CornouMarketing Director Southern Europe and Mathieu PatonTeam Leader Concept Design Southern Europe at Interface.

Interface Workshop

One day in 1994, Ray AndersonAt a conference, the emblematic and historic boss of the company Interface was challenged by a question from the audience: "What are you doing for the environment? Dissatisfied at being caught short without an answer, he mobilised his teams with the challenge of rethinking products and processes by integrating an environmental criterion that had previously been foreign to business models. Considering that he personally had no expertise on the subject, he also consulted his entourage, including Paul Hawkenauthor of The Ecology of Commerce, who will ask Janine Benyus to come and visit this carpet company for which she felt she had no expertise to contribute. Finally the meeting took place, along with David Oakey, the chief designer, during a walk in the woods in autumn in Georgia. Inviting them to model themselves on the dead leaf carpet that was before them, Janine Benyus asked the flooring experts: "How does wild nature design a carpet?" and the answer and lesson was "Nature never repeats". A few months later, the Anthropy range was born on this principle of interchangeable tiles, and accounted for 40% of Interface's turnover.

A look back at almost 30 years of perseverance, questioning, revolution and continuous innovation by an exemplary company, both in terms of biomimicry and sustainable development, which has never stopped reducing its ecological and carbon footprint, which has been able to invent new products but also, and above all, to rethink its trade and its industrial and economic model.

Sharing of experience and journey commented and explained by Mickaël Cornou, Marketing Director Southern Europe and Mathieu Paton, Team Leader Concept Design Southern Europe.

Read more

26 OCT // 15.45 - 16.45 // MORPHO room, level S3

From inner ecology to action: reconnect with the living within you, to act in symbiosise.

Proposed and co-hosted by Sylvie Sesé and Jasmine Rivolier


Our challenge is to build a new alliance with the living in our companies, in society, on earth... This major challenge requires us to be very coherent in order to harmonise ourselves with the living; to align our inner feelings and our outer actions; to find the energy within ourselves, by drawing on the source of the living.

During this workshop, come and experience the 74 inspiring cards of the Living Game, based on analogy with examples from nature, to unfold your senses through the stripes of the zebra or the scales of the turtle; to feel the part of the living in you; to reconnect to your intentions and impulses by breathing like the mangrove or caring for yourself like the chimpanzee... Take on the role of moss or dead wood in the forest, model yourself on the beak of the pelican or the wings of the ladybird... Think like the living in order to act like them...

26 OCT // 15.45 - 16.45 // LOTUS room, level S3

Design Fiction: Imagining solutions to today's crises through fiction.

Proposed and animated by the Commune Nature collective of the Nature-Inspired Design Master's graduates


Design fiction is a creative method that allows us to co-construct a sustainable and desirable future in order to act today.

Through this workshop, you will be able to experiment with this method, by imagining scenarios that outline a new way of living on Earth tomorrow.

Graduates of the Nature Inspired Design 2022 Master's programme from the Commune Nature collective will be your guides during this fun and creative session.