THE BIG PROGRAM _ 19 October 2021 _ Plenary Louis Armand

The big meeting 


6th edition of Biomim'expo in its usual configuration as a major gathering of biomimicry and bio-inspired innovations!

All day long, conferences, debates, round tables, project pitches, Biomim'Challenge final, exhibitions, exhibitors' forum, participative workshops, Biomim Lab Show, speed dating, animations, film screenings, TV set, media corner, literary café, book fair with author signings, ... 

They were there for you in 2021 ...

9.30am - 10.30am [ Biomim'LAB SHOW #1 and #2

9.30am - 10am

Climbing like a gecko or a tree frog, the secrets of membership revealed

Anthony Herrel, Biologist, Editor Journal of Zoology, Head of IBEES UMR 7179 C.N.R.S/M.N.H.N. Département Adaptations du Vivant, Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle.

Anthony Herrel will start by explaining the principles of adhesion and the physical mechanisms that make animals like a tree frog or a gecko climb on smooth walls with some pictures of the animals and some diagrams.

Then you will see a demonstration with live animals to show that the tree frog and the gecko do not have the same abilities.

Finally, Anthony Herrel will show examples of bioinspiration from these animals with a piece of tyre (tree frog) and 'geckskin', an adhesive material inspired by the gecko.

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10:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Origami crumpling: a structured random structure inspired by nature with amazing properties

Vincent Floderer, Artist, co-founder of Plifaltec

Origami-inspired folding techniques have a vast application potential due to their mechanical properties, which are often used by nature.

In this presentation you will learn about this potential and how nature can inspire us to invent optimised structures.

Vincent Floderer will detail the crumpling technique he has developed, its properties and its relevance through demos of crumpled structures. Then we will present the applications we are working on: light structures that can be deployed on the basis of paper or light synthetic materials that can be used in agriculture or for the creation of shelters. What if we used the processes derived from origami and used in nature to design and propose innovative products intended for the entire industrial world?

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Two highlights for two conferences and question and answer sessions with the authors.

10.30am - 11am

Emmanuelle Joseph-DaillyDirector of the Research and Foresight Lab at Julhiet Sterwen, speaker and coach.

Author of the book "La stratégie du poulpe - 60 récits du vivant pour inspirer nos organisations", published by Eyrolles.

Faced with the complexity of the challenges of our time, how can bio-inspiration improve our lives and our organisations? For millions of years, animals and plants have built veritable laboratories of behavioural innovation: whale calves have mentors, plants communicate with each other, octopuses practice agility, corals let go, primates barter, fish make alliances...
Emmanuelle Joseph-Dailly proposes to explore the virtuous patterns of Nature, which can guide us in rethinking our habits, our relationship with time, emotions and learning. 

The conference will be followed by a dedication at the ephemeral bookshop of Biomim'expo on the Rue de l'Echiquier stand.

11:00 - 11:30 a.m.

Céline Puff Ardichvili and Fabrice Bonnifetrespectively Managing Partner at Look Sharp, and Director of Sustainable Development at the Bouygues Group.

Authors of "L'entreprise contributive - concilier monde des affaires et limites planétaires", published by Dunod.

Presentation of the main inspirations and teachings.

The conference will be followed by a dedication at the ephemeral bookshop of Biomim'expo on the Rue de l'Echiquier stand.

11.30am - 12.30pm [ BIOMIM'CHALLENGE FINAL - Bio-inspired Innovation of the Year Award

Two highlights for two conferences and question and answer sessions with the authors.

The competition for bio-inspired projects, presented during the Biomim'expo and pitched in the final live on stage on 19 October.

Each project has a 3-minute presentation and a few minutes for questions and answers.

The jury deliberates live and gives its ranking after the candidates have passed.

Information and registration

2pm - 3pm [ Biomim'LAB SHOW #3 and #4

2pm - 2.30pm

The flexible mechanical design inspired by aquatic plants

Sophie Ramananarivo, Senior Lecturer, Hydrodynamics Laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique and CNRS.

How do plants survive strong winds or currents? And can they be used to develop resilient structures that can adapt to changes in their environment without human intervention?

Plants take advantage of their flexibility to bend into a more streamlined shape under flow. This strategy reduces the stresses they are subjected to, thus preventing breakage or tearing. You will discover how the particular morphology of plants and their leaves determines the way they deform, offering interesting solutions for the development of wind and current resistant structures for engineering and architecture.

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14.30 - 15.00

BeachCorail The ocean to strengthen the coastline!

Marc Jeannin, Senior Lecturer HDR. LaSIE - La Rochelle University

The considerable increase in coastal erosion in recent years has become a major issue. Dikes are collapsing due to wave scouring.

The aim of our study is to develop a coastal reinforcement system capable of 'self-sustaining' from the natural elements of seawater, inspired by 'beachrocks', rocks that form naturally on ocean coasts by the precipitation of calcium carbonate under the action of both several microbial communities and electrochemistry.

For several years, the LaSIE has been developing a technique to induce the precipitation of calcomagnesian deposits (natural cement between marine sediments) by applying an electric current to metal grids placed in seawater. By associating calcifying marine bacteria isolated by the microbiologists of the LIENSs laboratory, we are developing a beachrock 'simulator' that allows for the accelerated formation of an ecomaterial whose resistance is similar to that of a rock.

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3.15pm - 4.30pm [ BIOMITISM, a strategy for France and its major industrial sectors

Developments and clarifications following the announcements and remarks of Cédric Villani and Arnaud Leroy.

In two sequences:

15.15 - 16.00: The recognition of a national strategic choice

Hosted by Chrystelle RogerPresident and Founder of MYCECO, IHEST auditor. Author and initiator of the France Stratégie report "Biomimicry: what are the levers of development? What are the prospects in France? 

With :

Huguette TiegnaMember of Parliament for the Lot. Member of the Economic Affairs Committee. Member of the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Options (OPECST). Vice-Chairwoman of the Special Committee on the Climate and Resilience Bill. Rapporteur of the report of the Parliamentary Office's study mission on biomimicry.

Fabienne AujardBiologist. Director of Research at the CNRS, Director of UMR CNRS/MNHN 7179, Head of mission for transversal and interdisciplinary initiatives (MITI)

David ColonDelegate of the Strategic Committee of the Water Sector, Director of Institutional Relations & CSR Veolia Water, President of the NGO Up2green

Emmanuel ChivaDirector of the Defence Innovation Agency at the Ministry of Defence

16.00 - 16.30: The dynamics of the sectors, and focus on "Biomimicry and Energy

Kalina RaskinGeneral Director of Ceebios. Reminder of the panorama of the major dynamics of the sectors in progress.

Focus on energy with :

Olivier GrabetteGeneral Delegate in charge of European Industrial Affairs, member of Comex,
Rte - Réseau de Transport d'Electricité

Rodolphe de BeaufortDeputy General Delegate, Gimelec

​​Iman Bahmani-Piaseczny, Ademe, Coordinator of the Research - Innovation - Future Investment Unit

Eliot GraeffIndustrial studies officer, Ceebios,

How does the living manage energy and what are the avenues for innovation and ecosystem organisation for tomorrow? 

Preview of the main conclusions of the "Biomimicry and Energy" report initiated by Rte and call for expressions of interest for a collective industry dynamic 2022-2025.

Rte, Ceebios and Ademe invite interested stakeholders to the Rte stand to extend the discussions and participate in the launch of the new Biomimicry and Energy strategic collective.