COM KIT 2020

The great gathering of biomimicry and bio-inspired innovations. 5th edition in an excpetional format: a week of programming in 100% digital for the Biomim'expo WEEK 2020!

More than ever!

Despite the troubled times we are staying the course and adapting to honour this great event and look to the future.

To reveal the assets, lessons and ideas that Natur e can inspire us to build a more harmonious and resilient future.

To speak again, with the force of evidence, of the interest in reconnecting our destiny to nature, to take the living as a model of resilience, to question ourselves and to project ourselves towards a future other than our past.

To demonstrate the relevance of this approach, share it with as many people as possible, promote research and the positive, inspiring and comforting actions of the actors and stakeholders.

In order to invent tomorrow's world with and through the living, to continue this exploratory journey along this path of biomimetism and bio-inspiration.

Together. Let's get together.

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Press kit - Biomim'expo week 2020

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The pitch


Biomim'expo week, the great gathering of biomimicry and bio-inspired innovations.

This is a not-to-be-missed event to see nature in a different light and discover the incredible range of solutions it offers us. You'll be surprised!

How does nature inspire future innovations and provide solutions to our contemporary challenges? You will probably never see nature in the same way again, and you will be surprised to see that all sectors of activity are concerned. Biomimicry is a real opportunity for the future, and is a fast-growing approach, at the heart of the innovation strategies of many companies, research centres and innovative businesses, because it is at the heart of the new transition underway: saving energy; producing less waste; combining growth and biodiversity; working and communicating in open and collegial systems; distorting thinking to innovate through decompartmentalised approaches, inspired by the 3.8 billion years of R&D in the living world!

An event to break out of silosResearchers, major groups, startups, public bodies, schools, universities, students, research centres, etc. will come together for conferences, round tables, debates, etc., but also for demonstrations, workshops, products, projects, prototypes, to show those who are doing it, and what they are doing!

This week's programme will include TV shows, conferences, interviews, debates and round tables, as well as special programmes, participatory workshops, video galleries and photo exhibitions.

The meeting place for all those who are looking to innovate by listening to the environment in order to respect it more, and listening to other disciplines in order to get off the beaten track, who are already working on approaches based on biomimicry or are simply interested in it and want to know more, who are keen to develop their network and find development opportunities.

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In the spirit of a collaborative and collective event, and to co-construct together the most beneficial, visible and attended event, everyone is encouraged to participate in the promotion of Biomim'expo and also to become an ambassador. It is in the spirit of this event that you should feel that you are co-owners and co-producers, so that this event is also yours. Therefore, you are free to relay information about the event on all possible media or vectors deemed useful (social networks, website, mention in newsletters, mention in informal discussions, etc.).

And don't forget the internal side: this event is also an opportunity to invite your own teams to inform them or raise their awareness on the theme of biomimicry and innovation inspired by biodiversity.

Finally, your impact and visibility also depend on you: take advantage of Biomim'expo to put yourself forward, to present your achievements or projects, to make an appointment with clients, partners or journalists on site, to issue a press release on a particular announcement... The event is intended to be as unrestricted and unchanging as possible to give you as many opportunities and ideas as possible to showcase your products. You are at home!