Biomim'expo is an opportunity to present your work, activities, prototypes, projects, sites ... 

An event to show those who do, and show what they do.

The objective of Biomim'expo is to bring together as many researchers, labs, companies, schools, associations, cities ... who are interested or already working on the theme of bio-inspiration, and to give the opportunity to show projects, prototypes, materials, models, objects, experiments ... we want to see! and we want to give you the opportunity to be seen!

Big exhibition/forum day at the Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie. THIS YEAR on 19 October 2021. More than 2000 m2 of space for exhibitors.
PLEASE NOTE THAT RESERVATIONS FOR THE 2021 STANDS HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE, please get in touch or send your reservation form STAND 2021 : NC21100-S QUOTATION NewCorp Conseil _ Stand Biomim'expo 2021

Send us your reservation form and we will confirm the availability of your stand as soon as possible with the sending of your invoice.

Partners and exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their activities or projects, or their interest for those that are not yet in the pipeline. To be present via a stand is to "take a stand", to increase your visibility, to show that you belong and to increase the chances of meetings...

In an "open forum" type of logic, you can have an equivalent space of +/- 4-6m2 (or more, or in collective pavilions) to set out a scene, put up objects or models or a screen and explain your activities. Use as much as possible self-supporting and easy-to-install supports. (mandatory installation on Monday 18 October 2020).

The compensation is limited to a contribution to the costs of the event. Biomim'expo is not a "trade show" that seeks to charge you for space, but rather a collective and shared gathering. Independently of your "stand" you can imagine what you want to occupy the space and show that you are there 😉

Who can exhibit?

Biomim'expo and biomimicry advocate multidisciplinarity and academic, cultural and sectoral transversality. A wide range of actors can therefore exhibit at Biomim'expo:

  • scientific and academic actors: research units, schools, universities, etc.
  • startups, smes, large groups
  • actors training, advice, support
  • investors, funds
  • artists and creators
  • associations
  • local authorities
  • governmental and public bodies and institutions.

The sponsoring partners have a privileged exhibition space from the outset.


Biomim'expo aims to be the event the most accessible and least expensive for exhibiting stakeholders and actors.

Biomim'expo offers a flat-rate contribution to costs. This contribution does not cover all the rental and technical costs of the event at the Cité des sciences, but it does allow for a partial amortization.


Benefits and instructions for use

As soon as your space is reserved:

  • Elodie MaginelProduction Manager, will be available to help you prepare for the event and answer any questions you may have.
  • You will have your access code on the ticket office to collect the team's tickets.
  • You will have an invitation card in your colours with a VIP code to invite your first circle of partners and stakeholders.
  • You will have a special page on for a first short presentation before linking to your site (send us visuals and texts)
  • You will have your patch You can use the "Biomim'expo exhibitor" logo to announce your presence and to attract visitors.
  • You will be part of the official visits that we encourage and propose to public and private personalities (and you too, don't hesitate to organise " VIP Tour" )

You will also benefit from an exhibitor's rate for advertising in the new edition of the " BIOMIM BOOK 2022"The guide to bio-inspiration and biomimicry. Already more than 20,000 consultations online.

In reality, the main consideration expected is to play along with the event by taking possession of the premises, by being visible, present, demonstrative, imaginative, creative ... this event is yours.

In the spirit of the event and with the aim of building together the most beneficial, visible and attended moment, you are encouraged to participate in the promotion of the event. You are free to relay information about biomim'expo on all possible media or vectors deemed useful (social networks, website, mention in customer newsletters, mention in informal discussions, etc.).

The impact of visibility also depends of course on the form and content of your presence at the event: to increase this visibility, you are encouraged to have demonstration equipment; to have people do manipulations; to display things that can be touched, handled; to have visible promotional material on site; to make announcements about products, launches or partnerships; to schedule appointments on site ... the event is intended to be as unrestrictive and unchanging as possible to give everyone as many opportunities and ideas as possible to showcase their work. One last thing, because it is often forgotten: take advantage of the event to invite your teams! It is fun and motivating.

RESERVATIONS FOR THE 2020 STANDS HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE, Get in touch soon or send the reservation form STAND 2020 : NC21100-S QUOTATION NewCorp Conseil _ Stand Biomim'expo 2021