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Digital olfaction, which mimics the process our brain uses to identify and differentiate odours by capturing olfactory signatures.

Consortium of scientists from the University of Grenoble whose common scientific objective is biomotive chemistry.

ALPhANOV supports industrial innovation with its expertise in optics and lasers.

Scalable Cultured Meat production systems and technologies
to tackle global food security and sustainability challenges

Biological water treatment solutions for people and nature.

Bechu & Associés is dedicated to the development of urban planning, architecture and design projects.

Big Bang Project (BBP) is the agency of designer Guillian GRAVES. It mobilises design, science and technology in the service of the living: both society and the environment.

Bioxegy imagines, designs and develops bio-inspired technologies with your R&D or innovation teams.

Biohm is a leading pioneer in the research of bio-based materials, particularly in the field of bio-manufacturing materials for construction made from waste.

Regenerate your soil with plants. Biomede is a pioneer and world leader in the extraction of heavy metals from agricultural soils by plants.

Catalyse the emergence of tomorrow's materials: high-performance eco-materials inspired by life.

Biocenys is a cooperative company that positions itself as the biodiversity contact for companies and local authorities.

Master in Bio-inspired Materials (BIM) at the University of Pau and the Pays de l'Adour (UPPA)

Our mission is to develop regenerative innovations fit for the 21st century challenges focusing on environmental and socio-economic impacts.

The International Council on Biodiversity and Real Estate, CIBI, is the first meeting place for a new Biodiversity and Real Estate sector.

Ceebios, Centre of studies & expertise and National network of industrial & academic actors. We accelerate the ecological and societal transition through biomimicry.

Initiating change to achieve a circular economy.

Extending the shelf life of grafts

We turn organic waste into high-performance, biodegradable polymers: low-carbon alternatives to petrochemical plastics

The only biomimetic tidal turbine in the world that produces electricity without pollution.

Strategy consulting for living organisations

Real estate consulting to create responsible value. Facilitating the environmental transition of territories and real estate projects

We create new microfluidic solutions that revolutionise the industry.

École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle.

Energy and Digital Technologies. Responsible innovation engineers.

Nature has created the most optimised of all. FinX has used this as inspiration to create the responsible boat engines of tomorrow.

To study, protect and conserve natural areas through a restored and virtuous relationship between man and his environment.

Reinventing the wheel

To act for a planetary awareness of the great stakes of the sea and space for the future of our civilizations.

Discover through a playful and collaborative workshop the systemic aspect of biodiversity erosion: what it is, what it allows and what degrades it.

Inspired by "The Climate Fresco", the Ocean Fresco game raises awareness of ocean-related issues and the impact of our activities on this ecosystem.

A fun, educational and collaborative workshop to understand the challenges of deforestation and to discover actions and solutions to enable you to act daily to preserve the forests.

Antifouling for clean and healthy waters.

It is the sea that enlightens us!

To create a boat that embodies the beauty and wisdom of nature for an epic journey of reconnection with ourselves and the world.

Turning our bodies into humus, our graves into trees and our cemeteries into forests.

A school of prospective desirability.

Environmentally controlled modules for cultivation on Earth and life support in space.

Our material design has been inspired by the ultra-thin, brilliant white structure found in the scales of the Cyphochilus beetle. We use a natural material, cellulose, to create a sustainable white.

Drawing inspiration from the living world to innovate in the service of Man and Nature.

The Earth and our destiny.

Since 1912, the LPO has been working on a daily basis for the protection of nature.

Higher education institution training creators in the fields of animation, interior architecture, design, graphic design and fashion.

Imagining innovative projects and accompanying people with the examples of nature.

Audiovisual production company

The Museum is a scientific centre of excellence that studies the Earth and living organisms from the earliest times to the present day, while questioning our future.

Modular density honeycomb structures.

Deep Tech start-up that is inventing tomorrow's agriculture with its mycorrhizal fungi, natural plant biostimulants.

A world leader in pheromones for crop protection and animal health.

Bio-inspired water harvesting solution.

Manta (Marine Materials) Research Chair. Development of bio-inspired materials that reduce the impact on the marine environment

Founder of Biomim'expo. Consulting agency in communication and innovation for a bio-inspired transition.

Actions to preserve and develop biodiversity in urban development and in the agricultural world.

Let's accelerate the energy transition in buildings.

Innovative company specialising in the molecular profiling of natural extracts

A centre for research, innovation and education in the field of so-called "intelligent materials" whose functions and design are inspired by nature.

We make packaging disappear

Democratising seaweed in food and developing the whole sector

Intelligence is natural. Capturing biological systems on silicon

A territorial community that is betting on marine biomimicry to invent the future.

60 years of pharmaceutical expertise, inventor of dermo-cosmetics.

A pioneer in blue biotechnology, Polymaris discovers, characterises and selects innovative molecules from marine micro-organisms.

Pioneer region in the appropriation and development of biomimicry on its territory.

French Transmission System Operator.

To produce an architecture of daring and surprise, on land, under the sea and in space, inspired by the living, in a spirit of harmony between beings and nature to Invent, Transform, Impact.

Independent publishing house specialising in ecology and all related subjects. Partner of the Biomim'expo temporary bookshop.

A textile and digital artwork to raise awareness of the degradation of coral reefs and explain the threats to these ecosystems.

The School of Biotechnology Engineering.

Solutions for the restoration and development of marine biodiversity.

Scientific solutions for the cosmetics industry.

Focusing on trees and forests to find new and impactful solutions in business.

The world leader in foundations and soil technologies.

Enjoy a sensory experience of rediscovering nature.

Leave your habits behind and take the risk of discovery.

The ecological solution to clean runoff water as it infiltrates the soil.

Mapping the climate risks of cities.

How can nature's teams help your team?

Fluid propulsion technology with undulating membrane.

Environmental economics research and study bureau.

High performance mycelium. Biomimicry for the circular economy.

Biomimicry & High-Tech to reconcile High Performance Sailing and Eco-responsibility