Like at home 2022

You like this atypical and intimate format! We will be repeating it at Biomim'expo 7 in 2022.

In a small living room set up "as if at home", informal and intimate discussions with 10 or 20 people around to exchange and discover jobs and functions that are often unknown but nevertheless fascinating. How did they get there? What do they do on a daily basis? How can they inspire us?

Every 30′, a man or woman faces you.

Come and talk to our witnesses and find out about their background.

Recap programme 25 and 26 October

TUESDAY 25 > 12:00-12:30 // "Comme à la Maison" room Level S2 WEST (to the left down the stairs)

JOB ... "TV PRESENTER AND EXTREME WEATHER EXPERT".. Today, climate change is expressed more and more frequently and intensely by extreme weather events. How to explain and present correctly these phenomena which, beyond scientific data, also have a political, ecological and social impact? Is this well understood today? Does Karine Durand still feel the "Don't Look Up" effect?

Karine Durand will tell you about his journey, how the weather data is collected, what makes it possible to distinguish "ordinary" weather from extreme weather, the current dynamics on these weather phenomena that affect and will increasingly affect our daily livesand what links to climate and biodiversity.

Karine Durand has degrees in International Environmental Sciences (Yale University, United Nations, FEMA, University of Alberta, Paris Business School) and in Communication (Institut Français de Presse and Sorbonne Nouvelle). Passionate about the great outdoors and fascinated by extreme climatic phenomena, she has spent more than 20 stays and internships in the United States in the wildest places to study these extreme phenomena.

TUESDAY 25 > 14:15-14:45 // "Comme à la Maison" room Level S2 WEST (to the left down the stairs)


Rethinking cities, our habitat as a species, as a place of multiple and interconnected lives, imagining urban logistics as a living ecosystem, thinking of its territory as a biotope, using design to rethink concepts and uses...

Come and discover with Karine Weber how the design profession is inspired by biomimicry, and vice versa. How her career path led her to spend 18 months at ENSCI Les Ateliers to follow the Master of Science "Nature Inspired Design" after 15 years in the business (mostly at IKEA) in skills development, continuous improvement, flow logistics and supply chain!

Why, how, and what new perspective on these professions does biomimicry bring?

Karine is also a "fresco artist" of the Fresque du Climat and a Time for the planet partner... she will also explain what this means to her.

TUESDAY 25 > 16:00-16:30 // "Comme à la Maison" room Level S2 WEST (to the left down the stairs)


Do you want to work in communications, exercise your talents in graphic design, editorial content, or brand positioning, but work within a scientific institution linked to research and biodiversity? Come and listen to Audrey Billon's story, who has worked in agencies as well as in private and public institutions.

Audrey Billon is a graduate of Celsa in Information and Communication Sciences (Master's degree in Corporate, Institutional and Strategic Communication), and a Master's degree from Penninghen in Art Direction, Graphic Arts and Design.

WEDNESDAY 26 > 12:00-12:30 // "Comme à la Maison" room Level S2 WEST (to the left down the stairs)

BUSINESS "RESTORER OF ENTOMOLOGICAL COLLECTIONS. How does one become a conservator of insect collections? And what does that mean exactly? How do you classify these collections? How do you stage them? How do you study them? What training? What course?  

Aline DoniniThe entomologist-museologist will tell you about his amazing daily life, but also his passion and fascination for insects.

Aline has a master's degree in Museology of Science from the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, another in History of Science from the University of Nantes and a degree in Environmental Biology. She will explain that her job is also art in the service of a scientific museum culture!

Preserving and promoting scientific heritage means preserving the memory of the past that will inspire our future! Come and discover this little-known profession at the confluence of science, art and the environment...

WEDNESDAY 26 > 14:30-15:00 // "Comme à la Maison" room Level S2 WEST (to the left down the stairs)


This is a decisive and exciting job! And yet it is probably not well known.

How to "manage" a forest? How can the needs of nature and man be reconciled? What does sound, multifunctional management with continuous cover forestry mean? How can we find the right balance between the needs and expectations of the many stakeholders in the forest? How to maintain a harmonious cohabitation between large animals and trees? How can we "imitate nature and hasten its work" as Charles-Etienne Dupont likes to say? How are our forests doing and how can we help them adapt to global warming?

A job in the heart of nature, with a passion, sometimes poorly perceived because it is not well known, which combines a wide variety of actions and techniques (dendrometric and silvicultural audits, etc.). (e.g.: logging sites; selective thinning; garden cutting; seed cutting; reforestation, conversion of regular forest stands, etc.).

Follow the guide and discover this essential profession through the story of a passionate and committed forester.

Charles-Etienne Dupont is a graduate of the CFPPA-UFA Métiers de la forêt et du bois with a higher technician's diploma in land use planning and management.