Biomim LAB Show 2022

In 30-minute segments, researchers demonstrate and demonstrate on stage.

(find the 2021 replays on the Youtube channel Biomim'expo TV)

TUESDAY 25 > 10:15-10:45 // Plenary Louis Armand - Level S3 (downstairs)

[Biomim'LAB Show #1

Optical components for the industry of the future thanks to biomimicry!

Fabien Paumier is a teacher-researcher and HDR lecturer in the Physics Department of the UFR SFA - University of Poitiers.

"Photonics is everywhere but nobody knows it! In military applications, autonomous cars, smartphones, ... photonics is replacing electronics ... we have the opportunity to create the electronics of the 21st century.

Photonics! ... it's electronics at the speed of light! Explanations and demonstrations during this Biomim LAB Show to discover the design of optical components in 3D architecture inspired for example by the nanometric structures of butterfly wings and lotus leaves!

TUESDAY 25 > 10:55-11:25 // Plenary Louis Armand - Level S3 (downstairs)

[Biomim'LAB Show #2

When the bones of giant mammals and reptiles (present and fossil!) inspire the high-strength mechanical parts of the future...

Alexandra Houssaye is a palaeontologist at the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Director of Research at the CNRS, and a specialist in "palaeobiomimicry";

Julien Chaves-Jacob is a senior lecturer at Aix-Marseille University, specialising in bio-inspired design.

Presentation of their joint work carried out in partnership with a major industrial group in the aeronautics industry to try to resolve a certain number of issues relating to the wear and resistance of mechanical parts in highly stressed environments and uses.

What if the solution came from the past? The great animals of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods must also have had extraordinary bone structures to be able to move and withstand the incredible pressures of their extraordinary size...

TUESDAY 25 > 12.10-12.40 // Plenary Louis Armand - Level S3 (downstairs)

[ Biomim'LAB Show #3

Agile bio-inspired robots to get around.

Swaminath Venkateswaran is a teacher-researcher at the Ecole supérieure d'ingénieurs Léonard-de-Vinci, has a PhD in mechanical engineering from the École Centrale de Nantes, and is affiliated with the Modeling research group of the De Vinci Research Centre (DVRC).

During this Biomim LAB show, you will see a presentation of his research work which focuses mainly on bio-inspired locomotion approaches for industrial applications! The inspection of pipes and pipelines is of crucial importance, how to choose the right locomotion principle? how to sneak past bends, turns and junctions? ... elephant trunk, caterpillar ... the living world is full of solutions, useful in many fields.

Come and discover these amazing and inspiring works at Biomim'expo. And for more information: LinkedIn ; Google scholar ; GitHub


TUESDAY 25 > 16.45-17.15 // Plenary Louis Armand - Level S3 (downstairs)

[Biomim'LAB Show #4

Translating insect flight into a mathematical equation for innovation in energy performance.

Benjamin Thiria is a lecturer at the Laboratory of Physics and Mechanics of Heterogeneous Media at ESPCI Paris. He is also a lecturer at the École Polytechnique.

Aerodynamics, propulsion, energy efficiency, structural optimisation, bionics ... living beings have developed the art and the way to propel themselves through the air and water with incredible efficiency, energy frugality and mechanical optimisation.

Why are insect wings soft and elastic? Why and how do they deform under the effect of the surrounding fluid? How can wing beats be translated into a mathematical equation? How can we study insect flight in the laboratory to decipher its secrets? How can biomimicry help us study these strategies to find ways of innovating and optimising energy performance?