Jean-Baptiste Floderer is an engineer and entrepreneur.

As an expert in innovative medical devices, biomimicry issues are at the heart of his approach: integrated into recognised R&D units, he has worked on retinal stimulation systems using neuromimetic technologies inspired by the functioning of the human eye.

Convinced of the contribution of folding techniques in all fields of engineering, including medical applications, he co-founded Plifaltec with the aim of promoting this theme in an approach linked to the living world.

Vincent Floderer is a folding artist who is passionate about the inventiveness and diversity of life. A graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, he specialises in folding techniques derived from origami and has oriented his work towards the approach of models produced in nature. As the creator of the crumpling technique, he became interested in the scientific potential of the properties related to this technique. He founded the Crimp collective to develop his artistic concepts and promote their scientific interest by approaching renowned researchers. By co-founding Plifaltec he aims to convert this know-how acquired over the years into innovative industrial applications.


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