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The story: when it became clear that Biomim'expo could not take place as it does every year at the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, the idea was adaptive innovation! The idea was adaptive innovation: to honour this event that is so dear to our hearts, but in a different way. So to console us, the new challenge launched by NewCorp Conseil, the initiator and organiser of the event, was to meet up with us not for a day but for a week! This year, Biomim'expo has therefore become Biomim'expo week digital in the form of a biomimicry channel with a week of broadcasts recorded in TV format, 25 sessions and over 100 speakers. All of this to be reassembled in a few days!

We still had to find a place, with meaning of course, to welcome us.

In less than 48 hours the centvingtsept by pixelis said YES and opened its doors to host the TV set of the Biomim'expo week! Thank you for your help. 

the centvingtsept by pixelis

Because it is from a creative perspective that the world must be changed, Pixelis has created the centvintgsept, an open, inspiring place dedicated to creativity and to the transformation of brands, companies and the world.

In the former premises of Radio Nova and TSF Jazz, all the furniture has been eco-conceived and designed by Pixelis, which has placed total trust in artists, designers and partners to experiment, recycle, transform, innovate... and create a space with personality, in the image of those who invest in it.

It brings together all those who have the vital desire to act and to give meaning to their actions: brands, companies, designers, entrepreneurs and change-makers are encouraged to move the lines and shake up practices!

about pixelis

Pixelis is an independent branding for good agency dedicated to the reinvention of brands. Founded in 1995, it is a B Corporation, a member of the United Nations Global Compact, recognised at Gold level by EcoVadis and named "Best for Workers" and "Best for Governance" by the B Corp community. It supports large companies as well as SMEs and start-ups in all of their communications activities.



Fanny Desbois
Communication Manager


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