Grégoire Loïs is deputy director of Vigie-Nature at the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle and a naturalist at the Agence Régionale de la Biodiversité d'Île-de-France. He is in charge of coordinating the activities of this agency with those of Vigie-Nature's participatory science programmes, which he carries out at the National Museum of Natural History. Among other things, these programmes provide input for ecological research and produce inventories of common species in our towns and countryside.

Over the course of more than twenty years spent at the Museum, but above all because of a fascination for birds and nature in general that began in his early childhood and has never left him, Lois has been able to observe the various changes affecting populations of common birds as well as other groups (insects, bats, etc.) with many losers and fewer winners. This observation, its mechanisms and sources, occupies a large part of Vigie-nature's activity.

In 2019, Grégoire Loïs will present his thoughts on this subject, particularly concerning birds, in a book published by Fayard, "Ce que les oiseaux ont à nous dire" (What birds have to tell us), which will be republished in 2020 by Le Livre de Poche.

Refuges LPO / Taking action for local nature 

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