Louis-Albert de Broglie, son of the former minister Jean de Broglie, comes from a family that has included several marshals, five academicians and a Nobel Prize winner.

He indulges his passion for botany at the Château de la Bourdaisière (Indre-et-Loire), in the Loire Valley, which he has owned since 1991.

Since 1992, he has planted many varieties of plants in the castle's vegetable garden, including forgotten vegetables, but especially tomatoes, a fruit he is particularly fond of.

In 1998 he turned it into the National Tomato Conservatory, with countless varieties from all over the world.

Very committed to the preservation of biodiversity, Louis-Albert de Broglie bought the venerable Deyrolle entomology and taxidermy house in 2000, one of the oldest in Paris, whose museum-shop has now reopened its doors after being ravaged by fire in 2008.

In 2012, he published "Les tomates du prince jardinier: 650 varieties and their recipes" with Michel Lafon.

Louis Albert de Broglie will speak in plenary around 16:30 on the theme of the Fertile City.

Deyrolle website


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