Olivier Lépine is co-founder and CEO of the AlgoSource group, a company entirely dedicated to microalgae and their valorisation.

Since 1993 AlgoSource has been involved in the development of Phycocyanin. The first company to commercially produce spirulina in Europe, AlgoSource continues to develop innovative products, providing effective and sustainable responses to the challenges of our society: in terms of nutrition, health prevention, well-being of the body and skin.

AlgoSource, with its technologies branch, also provides engineering and expertise services for the development of projects based on microalgae: from production with a competitive advantage based on the principle of industrial ecology, to the transformation of biomass into active and recognised finished products.

Olivier has an engineering degree in Physics and Chemistry from ESPCI Paris, and another from the French Petroleum Institute (ENSPM). He started his career at Shell as a design engineer for large projects for 7 years, before joining the algae field and AlgoSource.

Topics with bio-inspired connotations :

Polysalgae (biodiversity to find structures of molecules that are interesting for the health field),


Algofilm (liquid tree leaf: taking inspiration from the way plants capture solar energy for the design of future photobioreactors)




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