Why is Urban Synergies interested in biomimicry?

"Within Icade, the men and women of Synergies Urbaines share the same ambition: to develop and plan intelligent, resilient and responsible cities. This vision of the city of the future is one that we share with local authorities and elected representatives, but also and above all with users, so that they can fully develop in their living and working environment.

This is why we are convinced that biomimicry is one of the most appropriate and innovative responses to the challenge of sustainability and well-being of the urban population. Inspired by the strategies developed by living organisms and ecosystems during the course of evolution, it involves rethinking urban systems, buildings and architecture. Beyond aesthetic inspiration, the intelligence of nature gives real estate the means to reinvent itself, particularly in the face of the major new energy and ecological challenges.

We have selected for you examples of bio-inspired projects from around the world, along with testimonials from experts, with a new approach to biomimicry as the driver: it is up to the city to reintegrate itself into the great natural cycles, and not the other way around.



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