Jean-Louis MISSIKA

Deputy Mayor of Paris, in charge of urban planning, architecture, the Greater Paris project, economic development and attractiveness.

Elective functions in the City of Paris :

Paris Councillor elected on 16 March 2008, re-elected on 30 March 2014

Elected metropolitan councillor on 15 December 2015

Deputy Mayor of Paris, 5 April 2014, in charge of all matters relating to urban planning, architecture, Greater Paris projects, economic development and attractiveness

Deputy Mayor of Paris, 21 March 2008, in charge of innovation, research and universities (2008-2014 term)

Elected positions in his district :
12th arrondissement town hall

Performances :

  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Syndicat des transports d'Île-de-France (STIF)
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Établissement public d'aménagement de la Défense Seine Arche (EPADESA)

Profession :

Media Sociologist

Books and publications:

  • The damage of progress. Les travailleurs face au changement technique (in coll., 1977)
  • Thinking Networks: Telecommunications and Society (in coll., 1978)
  • Le Tertiaire éclaté, le travail sans modèle (in coll., 1980)
  • The Ecological Illusion (in coll., 1980)
  • Computerisation and Employment: Threat or Change (en coll., 1981)
  • Raymond Aron, le spectateur engagé (interviews. Prix Aujourd'hui 1981)
  • La Folle du Logis: Television in Democratic Societies (in coll., 1983)
  • La Drôle de défaite de la gauche (in coll., 1986)
  • The End of Television (2006)
  • Talk to win (coll., 2007)



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