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The monitoring and project support work carried out by NewCorp Conseil at the heart of an ecosystem of researchers and entrepreneurs has been translated into various communication, information, awareness-raising and collaborative creativity tools.

  • The book-gallery WHEN NATURE INSPIRES INNOVATION Available as a gift edition to be consulted without moderation. Also available in a limited and personalised edition (your editorial and logo) for your colleagues and clients.
  • Biomim'REVIEWThe poster boards: the series of illustrated and explained examples. On one side inspiring nature, on the other side bio-inspired technology. The gallery, which is constantly being expanded, is a veritable library of inspiration.
  • Biomim'INSIDE The exhibition will be held in your home to reach out to your employees and stakeholders and reveal the extent of bio-inspired innovations.
  • Biomim'SCOPE Biomimicry: the biomimicry discovery conference, for an overview of trends, products, but also of the political and managerial approach proposed by the inspiration of life.
  • Biomim'QUIZ Rediscovering life. Knowledge test and animation game on biomimicry.
  • Biomim'MEMORY Find the symbiotic associations: will you? A memory and association game between inspiring nature and bio-inspired techno.

Let yourself be surprised.

The Biomim'REVIEW posters:

BiomimSCOPE :

The conference that explains, reveals and illustrates the scope of biomimicry.

a tour of biomimicry to establish the basics, definitions and philosophy; to illustrate the approach with a series of concrete examples; to explain the technological and economic accelerators that make it a perennial trend, meaningful and promising.


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