Artificial intelligence now seems to be the source of all ambitions for human progress.
But it is clear that AI is growing in global society as predictions of climatic and ecological perils become clearer and clearer, painting an increasingly dire picture. Yet it is the same science that forges the power of technology, often for the comfort of all of us, that is now predicting the worst. The knowledge of man accumulated since his singularisation leaves room for the most acute paradox that humanity has ever had to resolve.

The ambition of the BlueLingua project is to reinvent the practices of scientific progress in symbiosis with the environment, in order to get out of this paradox as quickly as possible. The commitment of its co-explorers is based on a scientific and technological triptych transformed into actions in an original way:

  1. The Internet of Biodiversity does not exist because we have simply forgotten to connect the wild animal and plant world to the powerful matrix that is the Web. Let's co-create it!
  2. The man of the 21st century has lost the sense of Nature, of its origins, to the point of sometimes having the arrogance to believe that he can do without it. It is high time to reestablish this syntonic, indispensable and salutary link between man and Nature.
  3. The current discourse on AI and its applications often ignores the original sources of inspiration of this discipline, making people believe in a singular and innovative paradigm. The true history of AI and the understanding of its limits can be found in the scientific approach of biomimetics. It is high time to open the great book of Nature completely... by first opening our ears!

It is enough to see a drone, built by a technologist, on the one hand, and a bat, built by Nature and studied by chiropterologists, on the other, to realise that the pool of scientific questions and the potential for innovations inspired directly by the animal are still immeasurable.

A new scientific and technological humanism therefore stipulates that conserving all biodiversity on our planet is non-negotiable. It is urgent to act collectively again, to practice this new humanism together.

The BLueLingua project brings together citizens, teachers, entrepreneurs, engineers, researchers, technologists, ecologists, ethologists, neurologists, work together, to change the trajectory of humanity and rethink our presence on planet earth in a positive and sustainable way.

Come and meet us at the exhibition to discover and listen to the first technological bricks developed by the BlueLingua co-explorers:

  • the Navilab-IOB platform, the first IOT platform dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity,
  • solutions for interpreting the language of animals and transforming one's knowledge/awareness of the animal world,
  • the first development kits for bio-inspired AI (A for Animal and Acoustics), derived from the most recent etho/neuro-acoustic findings on dolphins and bats,

" It is a sad thing to think that nature speaks and mankind does not listen "Victor Hugo



Didier Mauuary, founding president


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