The AuREUS system is an evolution for walls/windows, and uses technology synthesized from upcycled crop waste to absorb stray UV light from sunlight and convert it to clean renewable electricity.

IT champions the issues of UV sequestration, better access to solar energy for climate change mitigation and supporting the local agriculture industry hit by calamities by upcycling crops that would otherwise be considered wastes thus, mitigating farmer loss.

Excess UV exposure in urban areas are being induced by glass buildings. The inspiration for the solution came from how Auroras were made. High energy(gamma, UV) are degraded to low energy state (visible light) by luminescent particles in the atmosphere. The tech is based on this concept and used similar functioning particles. 2 Solar Farms are built horizontally and never vertically, until now. Since AuREUS captures UV, it can produce electricity even when not facing the sun. Buildings clad on all sides with AuREUS become vertical solar farms. 3 Crops easily spoil and cause losses to farmers. With this tech, wastes can now be upcycled.


Montreal Convention Center. Conversion to AuREUS tech will unlock additional 18kW power asset.
The advantage in power density against solar farms.
Carvey Ehren Maigue


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Carvey Ehren Maigue

UNIVERSITY / INSTITUTION, Mapua University, Philippines

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