Our project is to create a vessel that embodies the beauty and wisdom of nature, and to invite You on an epic journey of reconnection with ourselves and our World !

Visualise the earth from space. Ocean planet. Bountiful. Precious. And at risk. This is our common ground as Earthlings. This is our Home…

And we all know that it is now more than time to Rewrite the Earthling user Manuel….

The only way we believe this will happen is to truly raise consciousness and reconnect with nature !

The Gaiarta team has been joined by a talented group of individuals from the Centre of Sustainable Leadership in Sydney.

At Gaiärta we believe there are three sides to biomimicry, each of which tie into the primary objectives for the launch of our project :

  1. The first side to biomimicry is learning techniques and developing ideas from nature, copying it.
  2. The second side, one that we are beginning to focus more on, is the ‘deep wisdom of nature’.
  3. The third side is one that artists have been exploring for centuries, but one that is unfortunately often overlooked, or else taken for granted; it is the beauty in nature.

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Contacts :

Christophe Sachs, Founder / Captain, +33 7 55 11 50 22

Edoardo Giacomini, Head of Development at Gaïarta | ESSEC Business School

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