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We enable you to transform your business models with a fun, team-focused methodology that will regenerate both your organization and natural ecosystems.

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Brieuc graduated from a French business school and is specialized in the design of circular business models. He is a consultant and has authored several books including Activating the Circular Economy (2015). Brieuc’s focus is on helping facilitate the integration of the circular economy in companies and their products and services. He has worked with companies such as IKEA, Interface UK, L’Oréal and IDEO.


After completing a Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and working on social and circular economy projects in the construction sector, Justine is now in charge of the development and coordination of Circulab and Circulab Network. She presents at schools and universities on topics such as creativity, innovation and the circular economy. She is also a trainer and facilitator for independent consultants and manufacturers.


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