EDEN TECH (new name of EDEN MICROFLUIDICS) is a young innovative company founded in 2017. The company aims to provide advanced and certified materials, microfabrication and microfluidics solutions to both researchers and industrial partners.

Translate ideas into prototypes and products

A multidisciplinary time composes of microfluidic designers, cellular biologist, electro-mechanical engineers and clinicians.

EDEN’s technology overcomes the current inefficiencies of materials solutions for prototyping and production of microfluidics systems and polymeric MEMS, and enable affordable, rapid, high-quality and high throughput production of medical grade biochips, such as POC (Point of Care), Organ-On-Chip and artificial organs. Our systems are particularly well adapted for high volumes microfluidics systems of up to 100 000 liters per day and more.


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Emmanuel Roy, PhD

CEO Eden Tech


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