Aryballe combines biochemical sensors, advanced optics, and machine learning in a single objective solution to collect, display and analyze odor data so companies can make better decisions.Our digital nose relies on biosensors selected by our R&D team to mimick at best human olfaction. Digital olfaction made by Aryballe is a combination of biotech, nanosciences, IT and cognitive sciences.

Similar to our sense of smell, digital olfaction mimics the process by which our brains identify and differentiate between odors by capturing odor signatures for display and analysis via software solutions.

Applications :

  • Automotive
  • Consumer appliances
  • Food and Beverage
  • Personal care and cosmetics

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BLOOMBERG / 9 JUIL 2019 / Leader in Digital Olfaction Aryballe Secures €6.2 Million in Funding to Fuel Innovation and Commercialization of Its Category

L’USINE DIGITALE / 13 JUN 2016 / Aryballe Technologies lève 3,1 millions d’euros pour industrialiser son nez électronique universel

LA TRIBUNE / 11 JAN 2018 / Aryballe technologies, la bonne odeur de l’innovation

FRANCE 3 / 15 OCT 2014 / Une start-up de Grenoble, Aryballe Technologies, à l’origine d’un nez électronique pour ceux qui ont perdu l’odorat

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